Announcement: CORE Will Officially Supply Team BORA – hansgrohe in 2021

CORE body temperature team BORA- hansgrohe
Team BORA - hansgrohe will use innovative CORE Body Temperature monitoring technology. Following successful trials by BORA - hansgrohe during the Tour de France, CORE is now confirmed as the Team Supplier for 2021 and will lend technical expertise to support the coaching staff and riders with BORA - hansgrohe to advance racing performance. 
Dan Lorang, BORA - hansgrohe performance coach says, “To be successful in high-performance sports, a deep understanding of the physiology is crucial. Body temperature has a significant impact on the athletes performance outcome, that’s why CORE can help us to better understand the link between core temperature, performance, weather conditions and cooling measures. The better we understand our athletes individual physiology, the more precise our intervention to get the best possible results in the races.“
Official Supplier Team BORA - hansgrohe

Wulf Glatz, CORE CEO says, “Team BORA - hansgrohe has high standards and ambitions which makes them a perfect fit with CORE. We are thrilled to be working closely with Dan Lorang, one of the most distinguished coaches for endurance sport, and with the BORA - hansgrohe riders and staff. The feedback received from riders and coaches during training camps and Grand-Tour testing has played a crucial role in making CORE a better product. We are proud to be able to formalise this partnership with Team BORA - hansgrohe and are looking forward to a great cycling season with the team in 2021.”

The CORE Body Temperature Monitoring device is a compact unit that clips onto the heart rate monitor strap, it measures live core body temperature metrics and records data directly onto the cycle computer including Wahoo which is used by Bora-Hansgrohe. CORE is built with an advanced, Swiss-made, thermal energy transfer sensor which delivers accurate measurements (Mean Absolute Deviation of 0.21ºC). It is the only wearable solution that allows athletes to capture highly accurate core body temperature data without the need for an ingested or inserted thermometer. 

Like heart rate and power-output, core body temperature is a crucial performance metric which helps riders to train and compete more effectively. Heat Training in the lead-up to racing is proven to boost performance while core body temperature monitoring during races can guide strategic decisions such as active cooling or committing to a break-away. 

About CORE

CORE is made by greenTEG AG in Zurich, a company founded in 2009. greenTEG develops and manufactures thermal sensors for the photonics and medical industry. The CORE Body Temperature monitoring device was developed as an affordable, wearable and convenient solution to accurately measure core body temperature in a non-invasive manner. Released in 2020, CORE has been adopted by prominent athletes, teams and national sporting bodies.