Brand new CORE App released with advanced insights

We are pleased to announce the release the new CORE app. Rebuilt from scratch, the brand new CORE App now delivers all CORE sensor users with live and historical core body temperature data and advanced insights. From customisable temperature zones to increased privacy and sharing capabilities - the CORE App has evolved into a powerful tool for core body temperature monitoring.

This feature-packed version gives you unique insights into your heat training, your adaption to warmer temperatures, and the natural rhythms of your core body temperature.

The new app makes it easy to track thermal load – the amount of time spent in the heat training zones. You’ll find weekly, monthly and annual summaries of the minutes spent in each zone. These stats let coaches and athletes ensure that heat training goals are being met. Also displayed are average, minimum and maximum core body temp, as well as trends throughout the week, month and year. These trends are particularly useful for tracking circadian rhythm, menstrual cycles, and other daily living changes that affect training.

Another new feature is a heat training calendar. This lets you easily call up any week of the year and review your heat training and core body temp data for that period. Additionally, the existing live tracking feature has been enhanced. Easy-to-read charts display your real-time and daily core body temp, skin temp, and heart rate.

And so you can get the most from your CORE, the app also includes handy tips and short articles to help you interpret your data and improve your athletic performance.


CORE App Highlights and Features

  • Historical data - core body temperature synchronises automatically with the CORE cloud service and all past data, graphs and summaries are preserved in daily, weekly, monthly and annual formats in the app. 
  • Temperature trends - Statistics and graphs that show temperature behaviour over time
  • Heat Load - Graphs track effective heat training to aide performance training
  • Personalisation - Individual preferences to define temperature zones and data summaries
  • Sharing & privacy - CORE sensors are tied to one owner with the option to share training data
  • Training guidance - In-App guidance outlines how insights can be applied to advance performance 
  • And more - the redesigned CORE app is now easier to use and will host a growing arsenal of metrics

CORE App Details

The CORE app is available for iOS and Android. Existing CORE sensor owners can update their app and will have access to all of the new features, settings and customisation options. There are no costs for downloading and using the CORE App.

Download the CORE app

CORE App for iOS on Apple Store

CORE App for Android on Google Play