CORE collaborates with It’s Your Move 2021

At CORE, we are happy to announce our collaboration with the It’s Your Move 2021 project, a global non-profit initiative to create a world more alive, well, and connected through sport. This initiative combines ultra-distance sports with technology and the promotion of a healthy livestyle, causing a million minutes of exercise and social connection.

The project is covering 4 continents, and men and women ahtletes in 3 sports (road and gravel cycling, snowshoe marathon, dog sledding). Through the world’s first live performance streaming system, everybody will be able to follow athletes as they pursue ultra-distance rides across several continents. These challenges include, among others, the Race Across India with Dr. Amir Samarth, first Indian to complete the Trans-Siberian extreme, and the Bicycle Route 66 in the US with ultracyclist Dave Haase.

Athletes will be wearing several sports monitoring system, including CORE, and the data will be streamed through a real-time biometric and performance feed, and published in real time on the website. The system has already been tested during the Race Around Rwanda , following the performance of Sandrine Fraissard.

At the same time, followers will be able to pledge a fitness activity to athletes, inviting others to do so. The goal is to encourage everybody to stay healthy and connected; something even more important during the current pandemic.

This project also involves several top institutions and individuals, such as the Wisconsin Sports Innovation Lab, the UW-Madison E-Business Comsortium, and its director Doug Barton, Performance Director at the Race Across America.

For CORE, this project represents a unique opportunity not only to promote a good cause, but also to work with top athletes and experts in the fields of ultra-distance races, sports technology and data analysis. We would like to invite you to follow the project on their Instagram account, and make some pledges to the athletes. They will greatly appreciate that!