We are happy to announce that CORE’s cloud solution is available! It is our response to many requests coming from early adopters, coaches, and health practitioners who want to see historical data from their CORE devices. The updated CORE phone apps now make it easy to upload the data to the cloud.

CORE Cloud Beta now available

How does it work? Data is pushed to the cloud automatically as soon as you connect to your CORE using the phone app. To access the data:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Sign up and log in.
  3. After creating your account, register your devices using the unique BLE number. You can find it laser-etched on the back of the CORE, or retrieve it from the “About” section in the CORE app’s settings panel.
  4. Visualize and download your data history as an excel table.

Please consult our help page for further details.

Please note that the history data on the cloud only has a five-minute resolution. If you’re doing sports and need higher resolution data, it’s still recommended to connect CORE to your sports activity devices and log it there. The data will be recorded in the FIT file, as usual, so that you can download it at any time.

Please be aware this is still a BETA version. If you experience any issues, contact support as soon as possible so we can fix them! We would also appreciate your feedback to help us improve our CORE cloud solution.

The CORE cloud is another milestone in our product roadmap. Many more are coming, including new app and firmware releases, algorithm updates, and new connectivity options. Stay tuned!