Deceuninck – Quick-Step and CORE share core values for 2021

Deceuninck – Quick-Step has announced that it will be working with CORE’s body temperature monitors throughout the 2021 season.

As revealed in the team blog published in autumn, Deceuninck – Quick-Step have been trailing CORE’s unique systems since last year’s Giro d’Italia. After a successful trial period, the coaching team has decided to use CORE’s tools throughout the coming season, in order to study further the correlation between the body’s core temperature and elite endurance performance, while enhancing Deceuninck – Quick-Step’s reputation for embracing new technologies.

David Ballerini : Deceuninck – Quick-Step                         Foto © Wout BeelDavid Ballerini : Deceuninck – Quick-Step                         Foto © Wout Beel


Speaking of the new partnership, Deceuninck – Quick-Step’s head coach Koen Pilgrim said ‘When it was explained to us how the CORE body temperature technology works, we were of course interested. For several months now, we have been trialling their technology and looking at ways of measuring our riders core temperatures during training and racing, and then analysing the findings to help us understand how even slightly changes in core temperature can affect performance. We were impressed by CORE’s knowledge base and support, as well as their efforts to make a discreet unit that, which especially important during races. We are looking forward to partnering with them this year and seeing the results.’

These thoughts were echoed by Wulf Glatz, CEO of greenTEG AG who manufacture CORE sensors, when he said, ‘Deceuninck QuickStep is one of the most successful teams in professional cycling and working closely with the team has given us an opportunity to experience the extraordinary team spirit of the Wolfpack. We are impressed with the engagement and the diligence the team showed in testing the CORE body temperature monitoring technology. It is a pleasure to partner with Deceuninck - Quick-Step and we look forward to supporting the riders, coaches and support staff. The core body temperature data and analysis can assist each rider in understanding their own individual thermoregulation and enable them to be the best rider they can be.’

The CORE Body Temperature Monitoring device is a compact unit that clips onto the heart rate monitor strap, it measures live core body temperature metrics and records data directly onto the cycle computer. CORE is built with an advanced, Swiss-made, thermal energy transfer sensor which delivers accurate measurements (Mean Absolute Deviation of 0.21ºC). It is the only wearable solution that allows athletes to capture highly accurate core body temperature data without the need for an ingested or inserted thermometer.

Like heart rate and power-output, core body temperature is a crucial performance metric which helps riders to train and compete more effectively.