Exciting Indoor Racing – The Digital Swiss 5

Digital Swiss 5 with CORE

On 19–21 November, the Digital Swiss 5 brings innovation and excitement to indoor bike racing. Professional riders will use digitally connected smart trainers to compete indoors on five beautiful Swiss circuits. Amateurs will also race this same course, either together in Zurich's Saalsporthalle or fully online from their own homes. CORE is excited to support this event and the athletes racing there.

Cyclists who train and race indoors know that it's a hot, challenging environment. Overheating causes a drastic drop in power production, often before the cyclist is consciously aware of being too warm. An increasing number of professionals and amateurs have found that CORE is a great tool to help solve this problem.

Our strategy for indoor cycling is to train hot and race cool. When athletes train in their personalised heat training zone, they not only acclimate to the heat, but also gain performance benefits in both hot and cool conditions. CORE technology allows athletes to easily and safely maintain a precise body temperature on an indoor trainer. During a race or high intensity interval training, CORE warns athletes when it's time to take additional cooling measures, giving important data well before cyclists overheat and start losing power.

We encourage athletes to join us in Zurich's Saalsporthalle for the groundbreaking Digital Swiss 5. Registration is still available for single races or all three days. Please stop by our booth; we always enjoy hearing your stories of indoor racing, and we'll have some fun surprises as well. See you on the digital track!