Increased accuracy now available for our firmware: New beta version

We are offering a beta release of the CORE sensor firmware for those who would like to try it. The new beta version contains two significant upgrades:

  1. We have improved the algorithm which converts measured energy transfer data into a core body temperature reading resulting in even greater accuracy in most cases.
  2. The updated core body temperature using heart rate now has very good accuracy with fever, sleep and low activity.  The pairing of a heart rate signal will further improve the accuracy of the core sensor, particularly when used in sports.

The firmware now uses two algorithms – a heart rate algorithm and a non-heart rate algorithm. While the heart rate algorithm is primarily honed for sports use, it still has very good accuracy in non-sports use. The non-heart rate algorithm has not changed from prior versions and is programmed solely for non-sports use.

Updating your firmware

If you wish to try this beta firmware, please follow these steps:

  1. Wake your sensor, ensure it is charged at least 50%
  2. Open the CORE mobile app
  3. Open sensor settings (tap the gear icon on the sensor window at the top of each tab)
  4. Tap Firmware version
  5. Select Advanced update
  6. Type "core-beta" (case sensitive) into the ‘Firmware channel’ field 
  7. Leave blank the ‘Firmware version’ field
  8. Tap Update once and wait

Please remember that beta firmware versions may contain bugs. If you notice any unusual behaviour, please contact us. 

If at any time you wish to opt-out of the beta testing, simply repeat the above steps, putting “core” in the ‘firmware channel’ field and select update.