April 2020 - Latest product developments for CORE

CORE Body Temperature device

In preparing for the launch at CORE, we have been working to finalize the industrial design. In our previous post, we reported on new product developments for the CORE device and during the past month, we improved the look and feel of the device. 

We have incorporated all of the improvements and in a big step have now started CORE the process to begin manufacture. We use a medical grade plastic to ensure that it is safe against the skin and can be worn for long durations. At the same time, we have been working on improving the software side including our upgrades to the Android App, as well as building the iOS version of the CORE App.  As a preview, we have included the following screenshots.

CORE app for core body temperature monitoring CORE app connects to the device for data displaying 

We also have an iWatch app underway and support for other device such as the beta Garmin ConnectIQ app is also in development. Progress has really been accelerated due to the current circumstances with the covid-19 pandemic and heavy increase in enquiries and we are anticipating being able to formerly release the CORE soon. Stay safe and healthy!