Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team and CORE Partner in 2023

Q36.5 Pro Cycling are partnering with CORE in 2023; team riders will use the CORE sensor while training and racing because power output drops when the cyclists get hot. The wearable CORE sensor continuously monitors core body temperature and delivers this vital real-time data directly to the rider’s bike computer and watch to guide effective training and increase racing performance.

Traditionally coaches and athletes have relied on invasive rectal thermometers or ingested e-pills to provide accurate core body temperature data. The CORE sensor is an affordable and reusable alternative that clips onto the heart rate monitor strap and provides highly accurate, real-time, 24/7 measurements. Not only can cyclists rely on precise data and be better prepared for races, the comfortable and affordable CORE sensor makes vital data accessible for all.

Q36.5 Cycling Team Core Body Temperature Sensor

CORE are the experts in thermal management and the partnership with Q36.5 Pro Cycling Teams extends from the successful research and development collaboration with team sponsor, Q36.5. The advanced testing capabilities of the CORE sensor determine the thermal properties of clothing and drives the innovation and technology of Q36.5 garments that the team riders wear.

Team riders benefit from the CORE sensor technology as well as wearing the innovative Q36.5 apparel which was developed to keep the body temperature optimal while cycling.

Head coach, Carles Tur says, "Core enables us to measure the core and skin temperature of our riders which makes it a very useful tool to understand the response of the body in regards to effort, particularly in hot and cold environments. The goal is to analyse the thermal response and how it affects the performance. This is important because we can understand the individual response of each rider which then enables us to implement some heat protocols to enhance performance. We use Core devices during training and racing and will do so throughout the 2023 season."

Heat Training Racing CORE Sensor

The performance manager from CORE, Chris Blomfield-Brown says, “We have previously worked with Doug Ryder, head coach Carles Tur, team sponsor Q36.5 and several of the riders, so partnering with Q36.5 Pro Cycling is very natural step. We welcome the opportunity to bring our tech and data to the team and help each rider be the best they can be.”

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