Soudal Quick-Step renews it’s cool partnership with CORE

Soudal Quick-Step and CORE have renewed their partnership for 2023, securing use of their sports performance technology and expertise in body heat management, for the new season.

When riders heat up, their power levels and racing performance are impacted. The CORE sensor technology monitors the core body temperature of a rider and delivers insights for effective training and racing.  

Core body temperature is a vital metric for sporting performance because power output falls as the body heats. The body naturally diverts more blood away from the power-producing muscles to the skin where sweat evaporation helps to cool the body. Perceived body temperature can vary significantly to the actual core body temperature.

As the temperature behaviour of each person is individual, continuous monitoring with highly accurate, live data is invaluable to guide effective training and better decision-making while racing, such as employing the right cooling strategy to preserve power. When the massive physiological demands of racing are coupled with soaring outside temperatures, riders who are best prepared and able to 'keep their cool' can measurably improve their race-day performance.

Soudal Quick-Step have partnered with CORE since 2020, with their riders wearing the CORE sensor on their heart rate strap, that means they can view real-time core body temperature metrics directly on their bike computer. Riders and coaches also have access to advanced insights after training sessions and races.  

Soudal Quick-Step performance coach, Koen Pelgrim says, "We have really enjoyed working with CORE for the past three years and we are delighted that we will be doing so again in 2023. With our athletes competing in such varying environments, and often pushing themselves to the very edge, we know that even the slightest change in temperature can affect performance. CORE have helped us to gain a greater understanding of this process and how we can manage our rider’s core body temperature."

CORE performance manager, Chris Blomfield-Brown says, "The partnership with Soudal Quick-Step has been truely collaborative. We have provided our expertise and technology while the team riders and coaches have pushed the limits and provided invaluable information. This allows us to continually advance our technology and ultimately drive performance gains. The team at CORE celebrates the successes of Soudal Quick-Step and we look forward to extending and deepening our partnership."