Team FDJ - SUEZ and CORE bring the heat and partner in 2023

As the 2023 racing season heats up, FDJ – SUEZ is proud to announce their partnership with CORE who provide heat management expertise and technology to the team. The compact and wearable CORE sensor delivers real-time core body temperature data directly to the riders while training and racing. Accurate core body temperature data is essential for athletes who want to optimise training and increase performance while racing in cool and hot conditions. 

Flavien Soenen FDJ SUEZ core sensor

Team FDJ - SUEZ Performance Director Flavien Soenen says, “In today's competitive world of cycling, every detail matters when it comes to boosting performance. Whether it's nutrition, training, or mental strength, every aspect is closely examined to help our cyclists push their boundaries. Thanks to a wealth of data, we're able to pinpoint precisely how far they can go.

“Among the many key indicators, power represents the effort exerted by the cyclist. This effort also reflects in heart rate, lactate levels, blood sugar, and more. However, one often overlooked key factor can either hinder or propel performance: core body temperature. 

“Each athlete has an optimal ‘thermal comfort zone’, where they deliver their best performances. It's crucial to allow our cyclists to target this zone, especially during pivotal moments of a race. That's where CORE comes in, with its non-invasive sensor.

Continuous monitoring of body temperature helps us guide the athlete to consistently deliver their best. Moreover, it allows us to adapt training so riders can perform better when they heat up. Training sessions in hot conditions are great for maximizing the physical potential of our athletes, but without precise temperature tracking, heat stress can be dangerous.

Thanks to CORE's sensors, we have reassuring and reliable monitoring that allows us to optimize our athletes' training plans. Thus, we're always ready to push the boundaries to reach new performance peaks.

FDJ SUEZ womens cycling core body temperature sensor

Riders get hot while racing, even when the weather is mild. The harder the riders work, the hotter they get and the bigger the drop in power. Real-time CORE sensor data is used to improve the quality of heat training and the capability of the riders to perform when they get hot. The insights into the individual temperature behaviour of each rider is invaluable in guiding strategic cooling and ensuring that riders ‘train hot and race cold’. 

CORE performance manager, Chris Blomfield-Brown says, "It is a pleasure to be working with the staff and riders of FDJ – SUEZ who have been extremely interested in adopting the CORE sensor and have worked closely with our experts to improve training and racing performance.

“When riders get hot, it impacts their performance. Our role is to support the performance staff and riders so that they can use the real-time core body temperature data and advanced insights to dial-in their heat training protocols and enable them to be their best when racing”. 

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