Is core body temperature tracking new?

Some of our followers are asking us about core body temperature tracking. For many people, this training method is a new thing, never heard before. However, this is not the case. Core body tracking has been around for a while, although just in very specific circles related to physiological researchers or professional athletes. Our goal is to get it out of these small, niche circles, making it available to everybody.

Core body temperature is a key parameter to understand the human body’s performance. Because of that, researchers and top athletes have been measuring it for a long time, trying to understand how disease, sleeping or physical performance relate to core body temperature. We will cover this topic in more detail in another blog spot. For now, it might be enough to remind that given that the human body needs to maintain a stable core body temperature to stay healthy, tracking it will give many useful insights into the body’s performance under different circumstances.

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How is core body temperature tracked? Until now, we had two options. The first one is thermometers applied in different parts of the body. Its reliability depends on many factors, but the problem with the methodology is that it is very, very difficult to track in real-time the core body temperature. It’s ok for regular measurements, but it doesn’t get any better than that.

To solve this issue, previously there had been an electronic pill. These are small devices that you swallow to continuously track your core body temperature (you also need a head unit close to you recording all the data). The problem is that the method is a bit intrusive, and it doesn’t last as much as we need: everything that comes in will come out, and sooner than later. Despite this fact, this method is still used by top levels athletes to help them plan endurance competitions under hot conditions. For instance, in Tokyo Olimpic Games some people are already swallowing pills to train for endurance under a hot wave. 

So, core body tracking is not new. What is new is our approach. We are developing a tracking method that is both non-invasive (like the thermometers) and allows us to continuously monitor the core body temperature (like the pills did). It is based on a new sensing technology developed by greenTEG in Zurich, Switzerland. That’s more convenient and efficient than previous methods.

But it is not only about the device. With CORE we will also make sense of core body temperature tracking, developing new use cases that will help athletes to train and perform better, and not only acclimate themselves to hot conditions. But that will be another topic for the next blog post.

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