Core App Manual

Connecting to the CORE sensor

After you have set-up an account and logged-in to the app, to connect to a CORE sensor, bluetooth needs to be enabled. Usually a prompt is provided and you can turn on bluetooth in your phone. 

CORE sensor bluetooth


The CORE sensor needs to be charged and wake it up by shaking it and checking for the blinking green light. 

switch or add CORE sensor

If there are no CORE sensors already added, click the prompt to add a sensor. If a CORE sensor is already connected, click switch or add a sensor.

Scan for available sensors by clicking on (1) "Add CORE sensor". In case your CORE sensor is not identified, ensure it is close-by and shake it to check that it is on, then click (2) Rescan

Scan CORE sensor

For trouble-shooting, further guidance is available here or on the website, use the chat function on the website 




    CORE app status and overview

    Menu features
      1 - Live temperature (green) or last known (blue) or provisional temperature (orange)
      2 - Battery charge level
      3 - Heart rate connection
      4 - Beats per minute (if heart rate data available)
      5 - Custom name of the CORE sensor
      6 - Connection status: Low activity : Live
      7 - Connection status: Remote sensor
      8 - Connection status: Waiting for valid value
      9 - Status of data
      10 - Settings
      11 - Adjust timeframe
      12 - Open today's data (when on previous days)


      CORE Body Temperature
      The CORE app synchronises data on your CORE sensor with the CORE Cloud and means that your past data it is then permanently available via the app (with an active internet connection). 

      Click on the core body temperature graph to view an expanded view. 

      Heart rate and skin temperature

      If a heart rate monitor is paired and collecting data, the metrics will be plotted in the heart rate monitor chart. 

      The skin temperature is also capture (as an additional metric to core body temperature) and plotted in the skin temperature chart. 


      CORE sensor Settings

      CORE sensor settings

      1 - The CORE sensor name can be customised
      2 - The Bluetooth number can help identify the right CORE sensor
      3 - The Firmware can be updated manually here
      4 - Temperature alerts can be set to trigger phone notifications
      5 - The Battery Saver mode allows the CORE sensor to sleep and save battery
      6 - Remove the CORE sensor from your account
      7 - Pair heart rate monitors
      8 - The CORE sensor data can be shared with other accounts