Core App Manual

Connecting CORE

Core app manual - Connect to CORE
  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Accept permission to turn on Bluetooth and to use location

 CORE App Manual - Scan devices

  • Switch on CORE by shaking up and down until green light blinks a few times
  • Press “Scan Devices”
  • If no devices are found, click on “Click here for assistance” This will open a more detailed troubleshooting page:

CORE app manual - select device

  • Select a device and connect
  • Status descriptions:

– Ready: Standard mode

– Measuring: Recording temperature data (only available in advanced mode)


CORE app manual - App features

Menu features
    1 - Device nickname
    2 - Device address number
    3 - Settings menu for the device
    4 - Battery indication: Full battery life is around six days
    5 - Menu bar to switch between data streams (HR will be added soon)
    6 - Last value shows the current measurement value
    7 - Measurements
    8 - Data quality information (data quality will be supported soon)
    9 - Switch between live data and previous data

    CORE app manual - Core Body Temperature chart

    CORE Body Temperature
    Your core temperature is an important vital sign
      Live data shows the live measured data for a max. of 2h.
        History will show the measured data of the last 48 hours also if the device has been disconnected from the phone
          By pressing back, you can disconnect from the device. CORE will continue its measurement.

          CORE app manual - Skin Temperature chart

          Skin temperature

          Displays the temperature on the surface of the skin. Before CORE it was not possible to accurately measure the core temperature with a non-invasive device. Due to a lack of better monitors, researchers often used the skin surface temperature. To be able to compare measurements with older studies, we therefore also monitor the skin temperature.


          CORCORE app manual - App setting

          Set device Nickname
            Set alert value when the app should give you a notification
              Change temperature unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit
                Update Firmware (customized firmware can also be downloaded from this menu, greenTEG will provide you with instructions)