An introductory guide to using and maintaining CORE

CORE unboxed
Unbox your CORE

Start by unboxing your CORE. Below the black cardboard inlay you will find equipment and add-ons for exploiting your CORE device:

Quick Start Guide

CORE Device

Magnetic USB Charging Cable

8 Medical Foam Patches (bagged)

Foam Patch Instruction Sheet

Securing Clips

Product information sheet


Connect the provided charging cable to any USB power source (e.g. phone charger or a computer port).Connect the magnetic part of the cable to the CORE deviceLet it charge for few minutes.Fully charging a drained battery takes about 2 hours.

Download CORE App

In the meanwhile, download and install the CORE app on your smartphone. 

Turn On CORE

CORE reacts to your movements!
Disconnect the charging cable and shake CORE firmly until the green light starts blinking.
This indicates that CORE has begun to measure and that it’s ready to interact with your smartphone or smartwatch.

Connect with the App

Start the CORE app and follow the instructions on the screen. Make sure to enable Bluetooth on your device!

The CORE App allows you to:

Connect to CORE

Visualize your temperature

Perform software updates

Get the latest algorithm

Place CORE on the body

Most accurate measurements are obtained by placing CORE on the lateral chest area, about 20 cm below the armpit.
CORE can also be worn on any other body part, but measurement accuracy might be reduced.

View and log data

Once activated, CORE continuously measures and broadcasts your core body temperature.
The data can be viewed live using the CORE app and also many third-party devices supporting the ANT- or BLE protocol.
When used in advanced mode (upon request), CORE can log up to 3.5 days the measurement data on its internal memory.


With a few simple measures you can ensure a long lifetime of your CORE device:

Rinse your CORE device with water and mild soap after each use.

The device can be wiped with rubbing alcohol (ethanol or isopropanol) if desinfection is required.

Store CORE in a dry and cool place when not in use. Elevated temperatures will shorten battery life!