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220 Triathlon - Spring 2022

Kit Zone
CORE Body Temp Sensor - A worthwhile purchase for data fields? - April 2022

Tour Magazin - March 2022

BiciDaStrada - March 2022

SRF Sport Heute - February 2022

Performance Advantage - February 2022

Podcast EP#94 | Dr Will O'Connor & Dr Matt Miller
Heat Training with CORE Body Temperature's Chris Blomfield-Brown

CyclingTips - February 2022

COROS - February 2022

COROS - February 2022

DC Rainmaker - January 2022

The New York Times - January 2022

Canadian Running - January 2022

5Krunner - January 2022

COROS announce 2022 Feature Updates - CORE body temperatureFirst company to announce native support for Core Body Temperature - January 2022

Correruna Maraton - January 2022 - January 2022

techradar - January 2022

Cat Ellis
Your COROS running watch just got a huge upgrade
New temperature sensor compatibility

Trimax Magazine - December 2021

Simon Billeau
File of the Month: Core Body Temperature

Scientific Triathlon - December 2021

CyclingTips - December 2021

Physical Performance Show - December 2021

Velonews - November 2021

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Ask A Gear Guru: What Are The Best Gifts For Triathletes This Year?
Our editors have scoured the multisport world to bring you the triathlon gifts that even we’d want this year.  

Triathlete - October 2021

Chris Foster
Tech & Wearables Reviewed: Core Body Temperature Monitor
We take a look at a new device with the most-accurate and least-invasive way to get real-time core body temperature readings.  

Singletrack World - October 2021

Breakfast with Bob Babbitt - September 2021

That Triathlon Show - September 2021

Wattasia - September 2021

EP#53 Podcast (1:08:00)Eurobike - den Finn aus der Hose gezaubert
...Unter anderem waren wie bei Core, die einen Sensor entwickelt haben, mit dem man die Körperkerntemperatur messen kann...

Trimax Magazine - September 2021

Simon Billeau
Thermomètre Core Body Temp


Team Deceuninck - Quick-Step September 2021

53x11 - September 2021

Michael Kukrle A JEHO AKLIMATIZACE PRO TOKIO - Aneb jak uvést tělo do nesnází ještě předtím, než skutečně nastanou
Michael Kukrle and his Heat Acclimatisation for Tokyo - How to introduce the body to stress to prevent stress

triathlete - August 2021

Kristian Blummenfelt’s Coach Reveals His Gold-Medal Workouts
The inside track on how the Norwegian went from promising young athlete to Olympic champion.

Team Movistar - August 2021

CyclingWeekly - August 2021

Train your body to beat the heat
How the pros train their bodies to cope with the heat, and why it's easier to do it than you might think.

The Cycling Podcast - July 2021

Podcast #130 (5:10)
Service Course | Keirin and Culture
Lizzy and Tom turn their eyes on Japan and talk about some of the tech that helped win the men's and women's road races (hello Core temperature sensors).

TAG43 - July 2021

Tokyo 2020 -L’equazione vincente
Ricercatrice e insegnante di fisica matematica all’École Polytechnique Federale di Losanna, Anna Kiesenhofer ha conquistato la medaglia d’oro nella prova su strada di ciclismo femminile. La sua storia tra lezioni, vittorie e cadute: «Così ho applicato i miei studi alla bici»

Endurance Innovation - July 2021

Canadian Cyclist - July 2021

How cyclists are dealing with the extreme heat in Tokyo
Hot and humid temperatures are affecting all outdoor athletes

Cycling Weekly - August 2021

Reach your peak: Boost your performance in the saddle with the latest sports science and tech findings - Core Values

NBC Sports - July 2021

2021 Tour de France Live Broadcast with Inside The Race reporter Steve Porino

Team Astana - Premier Tech - July 2021

Blick - July 2021

So schwitzen unsere Olympia-Raketen für Tokio
Training im Hitzelabor bei 32 Grad

NBC Sports - July 2021

2021 Tour de France Live Broadcast with Inside The Race reporter Steve Porino an the Norwegian Triathlon Team and Coach Olav Aleksander Bu - July 2021

Runners World - July 2021

Feature - The Future of Running Tech by Kieran Alger

RTS - June 2021

Television (3:20)
Mise au Point été
JO de Tokyo: comment raviver la flamme?

Bora - June 2021

Cross-over – Wie ist und bleibt man innovativ?
Interview: Dan Lorang Team BORA - hansgrohe - June 2021

Adaptacja terminczna do zawodów w wysokiej temperaturze
Thermal adaption for hot temperature competition

Pohledem Trenera - June 2021

Podcast #S02E17
Core improvised


Pohledem Trenera - June 2021

Cycling Tips Nerd Alert Podcast - May 2021

Podcast (54:00)
Summer is coming, but don't put your trainer away yet...
Ronan speaks with David Bailey, Stephen Barrett, and Jonathan Lee

Outside Online - May 2021

The 2021 Summer Buyer’s Guide:
The Best Wearable Tech of 2021

Devices for passing the toughest training milestones

Der Spiegel - May 2021

Nr. 19 | 8.5.2021 | pp 98
Running Hot - Endurance athletes fear Heatstroke. A world-first can now help: A wearable sensor measures the temperature of the body's core.

TrainingPeaks Coach Cast - May 2021

Kristian Blummenfelt - May 2021

Cycling Tips Nerd Alert Podcast - April 2021

Backpacking Light - April 2021

Team Deceuninck - Quick-Step - April 2021

Pushing Limits - March 2021

Podcast (01:25:00)Coaches Corner - Session 11 mit Dan Lorang (German) Hosted by Dr. Zeller with coaching colleagues Niels Goerke and Mario Schmidt-Wendling

This Cycling Life - Jamie Anderson - March 2021

Road Bike Action - March 2021

Swiss cohort CORE found an efficient way to record biometrics to track heat stress

Red Bull Bulletin - March 2021

Spring Into Action : Wearables - CORE Body Temperature Monitor

L'Equipe Vélo Mag - February 2021

Trip avec Arnaud Manzanini, au-delà du cercle polaireL'ultra-cycliste Arnaud Manzanini avait peur du froid. Pour comprendre pourquoi, il est allé rouler au Nord de la Suède, au-delà du cercle polaire, par - 30°C. Récit.

North Calling : Anaud Manzanini - February 2021

SciFondo Cross Country Skiing - February 2021

Materiali: Il calore del motore
(The Heat of the Engine)

Endurance Innovation - January 2021

Semi-Pro Cycling - January 2021

Spare Cycles - Jem Arnold - January 2021

Endurance Innovation - December 2020

Podcast #85 (10:15)
2020 Wrap Up

Endurance Innovation - December 2020

Cycling in Alignment - December 2020

Semi-Pro Cycling - November 2020

Wearable Technologies - November 2020

Scientific Triathlon - November 2020

Endurance Innovation - November 2020

DC Rainmaker - November 2020

Semi-Pro Cycling - October 2020

Semi-Pro Cycling - October 2020

Global Triathlon Network - October 2020

Triathlon Magazine - September 2020

CORE Body Temperature Monitoring

Endure IQ Brew Up - September 2020

CORE - Some interesting new tech