Getting Started with your wearOS App

Looking for the CORE wearOS App?

 Using the CORE wearOS App

Welcome Screen

You need to grant location service permission in order to use bluetooth upon clicking on "SCAN FOR CORE" for the first time.

List of found devices

  • Click to connect to desired CORE
  • App keeps rescanning if no CORE devices are found after 10s

Temperature View

Pro Tip: Tap on temperature value in order to swap units between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Click on Forget, if you want to connect to a different Core

If you click the start button on your watch, the app goes to background mode and stays connected to your CORE and will even try to reconnect when you lose connection

Note: If you swipe back (left to right), the connection will be terminated and the app will try to reconnect to the CORE you were connected to just before.

Setting up the Watch Face

  • After a long click on the screen in the watchmode, you will enter the watchface menu
  • If the core watchface doesn't appear in the list of your preferred watchfaces, swipe to the very right, click on the "+" and search for the CORE watchface
  • Set up the watchface by clicking on the settings wheel on the bottom
  • Click on the "+" icon to add a complication provider service to your watchface.  
  • Of course we recommend you choose CORE for one of them
  • If you now swipe back, you have successfully set up your CORE watchface.
  • You now have to open up the app again and connect to a CORE.
  • Note: It may take up to 5 minutes for a first value to show up on the watchface. Also, the Temperature value is only streamed to the watchface every 5 minutes in order to save battery.
  • CORE Watchface with Heartrate on the left side and Core Body Temperature on the right side.

  • The live temperature is sustained as long as the CORE app is running in the background.

Note: When you enter battery saver mode, turn off bluetooth, when you are out of range with your CORE or when your CORE has run out of battery, your watchface will no longer be able to display your current Core Body Temperature.