What is CORE about?

CORE is a project initiated at greenTEG, a company based in Zürich, Switzerland. Our purpose is very simple: to improve the performance of athletes by filling the gap in sports performance science. To achieve our goal, we are merging three different fields of expertise: sensing technologies, physiological research, as well as sports science. The result is a wearable device capable of accurately monitoring core body temperature during athletic activities, normal daily life, and illness. 

Wearables and core body temperature

Wearables are devices that allow tracking health status and physical performance through real-time monitoring of critical body features. The current wearables on the market are capable of tracking pulse, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure. However, there is no feasible technology to track core body temperature, yet. Our goal is to fill this gap. 

Why core body temperature? Because it’s a critical vital parameter whose real time-tracking could potentially help athletes to improve their performance. For instance, under thermal stress, 50 to 70% of cardiac output is used for active cooling. Knowing when you are under thermal stress can make for more effective training sessions and effort regulation during competition.  There are many more potential applications, gains, and insights to be found. 

Looks fine, doesn’t it? However, it is not that simple. Tracking core body temperature requires several elements: 

  1. A new sensor from greenTEG allows measuring the thermal energy transfer accurately with a non-invasive method which is the key component. Holding a thermometer in the mouth while training is not an option! 
  2. An advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithm capable of crunching data into feasible information. Raw data taken from sensors is not useful without an advanced model to understand and make it actionable.
  3. The insights taken from this algorithm should also make sense from a sports science perspective. We need to understand how core body temperature works during intense physical activity to develop a clear training model that will help athletes to improve their performance.
  4. Technically speaking, we need also to merge everything (sensor, algorithm, microcontroller, and insight display) into a device. In our first use case, it will arrive as a chest patch.

All these elements need to be developed from scratch. Not a small feat! We have been working on these fields for several years, although there are still many things to achieve.  

Volunteer for testing at CORE

Are you a competitive athlete, +18 years old, practicing endurance sports (even better if you are a para-athlete)? Do you want to help us develop the next generation of wearables? In this case, join us a volunteer for testing. Fill in the form below and we will reach back to you as soon as possible.

At the same time, CORE is a community project. We are actively engaging with athletes to develop a solution that makes sense and fills a real need out there. We are working mostly with cyclists and runners. However, we don’t want to stop there, our goal is to apply CORE’s novel technologies to other fields. 

While awaiting availability, we invite all of you to follow us. We will post regular updates about CORE’s product development and milestones, hoping that you will find it appealing and interesting. Remember, this is a community project. Please, feel free to contact us through this website and let us know your feedback. We will gladly meet you. We want to meet you! Welcome to CORE! 


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