Apple Watch

Guide: Connecting the CORE sensor to your Apple Watch

  1. Make sure the iPhone and the AppleWatch have the latest OS version installed.

  2. Download and install the CORE phone app.

  3. Install the CORE watch app on your AppleWatch:
    - Open the app store on your AppleWatch.
    - Search for the CORE watch app (use the keywords "core" and "corebodytemp").
    - Install and start the CORE watch app.

  4. Wear CORE for a few minutes (if you do not wear CORE, no valid temperature will be broadcast).

  5. Start the core app:
    1. Connect the app to your CORE device.
    2. In the CORE app, go to settings (cogwheel on the top right).
    3. You will see an option "apple watch". Select "ENABLED".
    4. Keep the CORE app running in the background.

If you have completed all of these steps, the core body temperature data will now display on your Apple watch.