CORE Body Temperature Monitoring

For high level and serious athletes

Improve your training and competitive performance with Core Body Temperature monitoring
Why Core Body Temperature?

Core body temperature is a vital sign of human health.

It is the temperature of inner organs, tissues and the brain (and it's different from skin temperature). Core body temperature is widely used to monitor the body in many fields.



CORE is based on innovative technology created in Switzerland and is used by experts worldwide

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Up to now, core body temperature could only be measured continuously using invasive methods like thermometers, probes and electronic pills or in controlled environments, such a lab or a hospital. 

CORE is the first wearable device that continuously and accurately measures the core body temperature on the go.



Get insights into your core body temperature to monitor and improve your performance

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Continual monitoring gives you an overview of your overall health and well-being

Stay Healthy

Avoid potentially dangerous situations for safety and peace of mind

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But I can already tell you that the riders are extremely interested in the measurement and we see really a big GAMECHANGE here if we are able to have the body temperature available all the time during trainings and races. 

'Mystery' World Tour team head coach

I have been implementing indoor training with professional cyclists for many years now. One of the significant aspects of this training is the time spent with an increased core body temperature. Now, to be able to monitor and assess this metric with CORE, our training will go to another level of advancement

Kevin Poulton - World Tour coach, product manager for

For high-level sports we are able to collect a lot of data but measuring core body temperature has always been difficult. The CORE device is an important piece of the puzzle that will ultimately help improve performance.

Ronnie Schildknecht, champion Swiss duathlete and triathlete


to complement your CORE

Medical Grade Adhesive Patches

Regular price 6.95 CHF

CORE medical grade adhesive patches

Our specifically designed medical grade patches make for a convenient way to wear CORE.  

The patches are designed and custom made from a leading industrial medical supplier using high grade medical certified materials. 
We exhaustively searched finding the right combination to minimize skin irritation but still deliver good adhesion.

The foam contours with your body for a seamless fit even for extended periods of time.  Often when wearing CORE with a patch - you forget you have it on.

Each package contains 8 adhesive patches.
Also available in packs of 40 and 80 patches.


Arm Strap

Regular price 12.95 CHF

CORE can be worn on the upper arm

CORE can be comfortably worn on the upper arm - accuracy may be affected

Many users find the convenience of wearing CORE on the arm strap over being worn on the chest an acceptable trade off for comfort over decreased accuracy.

NOTE: When CORE is worn on the arm accuracy is decreased.  This is due to the thermo-regulations differences between the chest and upper arm.

The CORE arm strap is made of a soft durable material suitable to be worn in harsh conditions such as sport and still comfortable enough to be worn all day. The simple Velcro adjustment system allows for the one size to fit most.

*CORE device is not included with the arm strap. 

Heart Rate Monitor

Regular price 39.95 CHF

During sport activities a heart rate monitor is needed for accuracy.  This has to do with the complexity of the bodies thermo-regulatory system.

Heart Rate monitors increase CORE accuracy during sports

If you don't already have a heart rate monitor or looking for a replacement or spare we offer a robust proven solution from one of the primary leaders in the industry.


Our reasonably priced solution ensures you can have high accuracy during your high intensity activities.

The Heart Rate monitor supports both ANT+ and BLE communication making it comparable with most devices.  The replaceable battery is rated for 900+ hours of use.

*CORE device is not included with the heart rate monitor. 

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Chest Strap

Regular price 9.95 CHF

CORE worn on the chest is the most accurate location to monitor Core Body Temperature.  The chest strap offers a convenient reusable way to wear CORE for activities or extended wear.

CORE chest mounting strap

Many users find the chest strap more comfortable or convenient than the medical patches especially for extended use - though others find the opposite to be true.  So it ends up being a personal preference as the accuracy is equivalent with either solution.

The chest strap is made of soft stretchable nylon that can be easily cleaned and reused.  The simple clip adjustable system accommodates a wide range making for a one size to fits most.

 *CORE device is not included with the chest strap. 


Spare magnetic charging cable

Regular price 13.95 CHF
CORE magnetic charging cable

CORE uses a specially designed magnetic USB charging cable.
To keep CORE waterproof we needed to find an alternative solution from a standard USB cable meaning it can be difficult to source a spare cable if needed.

We recommend a spare/replacement in case of damage or accidental loss.
Note: charge from a powered USB port.  CORE draws such a small current often battery pack chargers do not get activated with the small current draw.

Six bay charging station

Regular price 169.95 CHF

Working with a team, group or organization you want to monitor Core Body Temperature of. 

The CORE Charging station is a convenient way to store and charge your CORE devices.  Specifically custom designed for CORE the charging station is simple and helps organize and solve the issue when multiple devices are used.

Can charge and store six devices at the same time.  LED charging indicators are visible so you are assured that you devices will be ready for their next use.

Router for real time monitoring multiple CORE devices- CORE

Real time Router for monitoring multiple CORE devices

Regular price 279.95 CHF

We offer a router solution able to monitor multiple CORE and other devices simultaneously inside your organization.

The WASP-N bridges Bluetooth® and/or ANT+ sensor data directly onto wireless networks using its integrated 802.11b/g/n radio.

  • Monitor 50 ANT+ and BLE devices
  • WIFI connection to your network
  • Rechargeable battery and USB powered
  • Range:10+ m

Compatible with many existing software packages.

Open documented API for integration or building your own custom applications.