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Effective heat training for improved performance with CORE Body Temperature monitoring
Why Core Body Temperature?

A vital metric for health and performance

Core body temperature monitoring helps performance athletes with heat training and heat adaption for better competitive performance as well as to avoid heat-stress while training and racing.

DC Rainmaker Core Test Review

My body temperature goes up and down at the exact moments I expect

GTN Global Triathlon Network Review

I think this is absolutely groundbreaking so watch this space

Technical Supplier UCI WorldTeam Bora-Hansgrohe

CORE is a technical supplier to UCI WorldTeam BORA-Hansgrohe

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Learn about how elite athletes use Heat Training, Heat Block Training, Heat Adaption and CORE Threshold

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Up to now, the core body temperature could only be measured continuously using invasive methods like thermometers, probes and electronic pills or in controlled environments, such a lab or a hospital.

CORE is the first wearable device that continuously and accurately measures core body temperature on the go.

CORE seamlessly integrates and lets you see your data on the Smart Phone App and record directly to Garmin and Wahoo.



Get insights into your core body temperature to monitor and improve your performance

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Continual monitoring gives you an overview of your overall health and well-being

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Avoid potentially dangerous situations for safety and peace of mind

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The riders are extremely interested in the measurement and we see really a big GAMECHANGE here if we are able to have the body temperature available all the time during trainings and races. 

Head Performance Coach of a 'Mystery' UCI WorldTeam

For high-level sports we are able to collect a lot of data but measuring core body temperature has always been difficult. The CORE device is an important piece of the puzzle that will ultimately help improve performance.

Ronnie Schildknecht, 11x Swiss Ironman Champion

I have been implementing indoor training with professional cyclists for many years now. Now, to be able to monitor and assess this metric with CORE, our training will go to another level.

Kevin Poulton - World Tour coach, product manager for

CORE uses innovative sensor technology that was created in Switzerland and is utlised by experts worldwide.

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Internal and external studies and scientific research projects using CORE are documented here.