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Heat training is a new concept for many coaches and athletes. Before CORE, doing heat training with any sort of precision was difficult and expensive. CORE technology has made real-time temperature monitoring -- and thus, heat training and acclimation -- affordable and accessible to all.

Still, there is a lot of background knowledge and protocols that will optimize your athletes’ use of CORE. The more you understand about “how it all works,” the better you can integrate CORE into your coaching programme.

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This page gives resources for the following topics:

  1. Physiology of heat and athletic performance
  2. Heat training with CORE
  3. Racing with CORE
  4. Tips for using the CORE sensor
  5. CORE accuracy
  6. CORE for everyday living
  7. Research papers
  8. Join the program

The Importance of Thermoregulation in Sports

A 10 minute slideshow describing the physiology of heating and cooling in sports, and how it affects performance.

1. Physiology of heat and athletic performance

Online articles:

What does heat do to your body during exercise? Detailed article from Thomas Solomon, Ph.D.

The science behind overheating. An overview of the physiology of overheating.

Thermal load explained. Discussing the amount of time spent within an athlete’s heat training zones.

Physicality of cooling. How our body maintains temperature homeostasis.

Consequence of overheating in sports. Heat exhaustion and exertional heat stroke.

Printed texts

Advanced Environmental Exercise Physiology. A technical look at the major topics and debates in the field of environmental physiology. Purchase from Amazon.

Heat Stress in Sports and Exercise: Thermophysiology of Health and Performance. The physiology of heat stress, recommendations on optimising health and performance, and more. Purchase from Amazon.


Why does CORE body temperature monitoring matter for sports performance?
1:03. Quick summary.

Heat Training and Endurance Performance with Dr. Chris Minson.
1:16:04. Trainer Road’s The Science of Getting Faster podcast.

2. Heat training with CORE

Online CORE articles

CORE’s heat training guide. How to get started with heat training using CORE.

Heat Training for Sporting Performance. A more detailed look at heat training.

The heat ramp test. The basics of conducting a heat ramp test.

Getting the best out of your heat ramp test. A more detailed guide to heat ramp testing.

Core body temperature zones. Explaining different heat zones.

Why do heat acclimatisation? Discussing advantages of heat acclimatization.

Heat acclimatisation strategies. Detailed discussion of acclimatisation.

Heat adaption for a hot race. A simple protocol to prepare for a hot race.

How to heat acclimate. Detailed article from Thomas Solomon, Ph.D.

Indoor training and racing. Train hot and race cool on an indoor trainer.

High intensity intervals while heat training. Blending heat training with interval training.

The Relationship between Cardiac Drift and Core Body Temperature. Explains the concept of ‘heat pacing’.

Safely exercising while pregnant. Using CORE for peace of mind.

Heat training at the World Tour. An interview with Elliot Lipski, coach at Qhubeka NextHash.

German champion Lisa Brennauer and coach Daniel Healey. Discussing her heat training.

Online Training Peaks articles

Everything Coaches Need to Know About Heat Training. Questions about heat training explained.

What Coaches Need to Know About Heat Training, Part 2. More Q&A about heat training.

Help Your Athletes Heat Train Safely. A few quick tips.

Unlocking the Power of Indoor Training with Kevin Poulton.
51:27. Audio discussion, including heat adaption.


Introduction to heat training.
3:34. The basics of heat training.

How to do heat training with CORE
5:21. The basics of implementing a heat training protocol.

How to do the heat ramp test.
6:15. An intro to conducting a heat ramp test.

How to do indoor training with CORE.
2:16. Train hot and race cool on an indoor trainer.

Webinar – Introduction to heat training.
56:09. CORE’s detailed introduction.

How to train and race in hot weather.
24:29. Trainer Road’s The Science of Getting Faster podcast.

3. Racing with CORE

Online CORE articles

Keep cool on race day. Detailed article from Thomas Solomon, Ph.D.

Strategic Cooling for Racing. How to keep core temp low while racing.

Indoor training and racing. Train hot and racing cool on an indoor trainer.

Staying cool to win Kona. The body reacts to quick rises in core temperature by decreasing power.

Beating the heat in marathons. Environmental heat slows marathon times.

Heat pacing explained.  Adjusting power output based on temperature.


How to do indoor racing with CORE. 2:16. Train hot and race cool on an indoor trainer.

4. Tips for using the CORE sensor

Online articles and manuals

Using CORE. Answers to the most common questions about using CORE and pairing it with watches and heart rate monitors.

Connectivity. Using CORE with different products and platforms.


How to wear CORE. 1:15. The basics.

Using the securing clips. 0:54. The clips prevent your CORE sensor from sliding off the chest strap.

Install the CORE Data Field on your Garmin. 4:27. The Data Field lets you view core temp data and records it onto the activity’s FIT file.

Setting up your CORE with a COROS watch. 6:23.

Battery level notifications. 4:11. Understanding the green LED.

Troubleshooting tips. 1:29. How to reset your sensor.

5. CORE accuracy

Online articles and resources

The technology behind CORE. Detecting thermal energy transfer.

Testing CORE’s accuracy. The testing protocol explained.

CORE vs the e-pill. Validating CORE under different sports scenarios.

How does CORE compare to other thermometers? Comparing the accuracy of CORE with other devices.

Peer reviewed studies

Heat flux systems for body core temperature assessment during exercise
Journal of Thermal Biology Volume 112, February 2023, 103480
Doi: 10.1016/j.jtherbio.2023.103480
Year: 2023
Author(s): Hein A.M. Daanen and Veerle Kohlen and Lennart P.J. Teunissen

6. CORE for everyday living

Women’s cycle monitoring and athletic performance. Identifying peak performance phases by core temp.

Circadian cycle and athletic performance. Identifying peak performance times of day by core temp.

7. Research articles

Adaptations and mechanisms of human heat acclimation: Applications for competitive athletes and sports.A review of the physiological adaptations associated with heat acclimation protocols and their application for athletes.

Road to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Training Characteristics of a World Class Male Triathlete.Roberto Cejuela, a CORE Coach and contributor, co-published insights of heat acclimization during preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.

Additional research papers and resources can be found on our Research papers page

As well as a useful collection of articles and videos on our Knowlege base page.

8. Join the program

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