Who Is Using CORE?
Top athletes and their coaches use CORE to compete at the highest levels worldwide. Here are just a few of the people who use CORE to perform at their best.

Trusted By Top Athletes and Coaches

CORE gives me a tool to monitor what’s going on inside my body during training to prepare for racing in hot environments and to find the perfect cooling strategy, especially for the warm-up before a time trial. It’s great to be able to keep track of progress on how to beat the heat.

Lisa Brenauer Tokyo 2022 Olympic Cycling Champion

We use the CORE sensors because it has become really easy to measure the impact of the core body temperature on performance. It’s very easy to analyze afterward for the coaches and we can control the heat sessions we do, looking for those physiological adaptations that improve performance

Josu Larrazabal Head coach of WorldPro Cycling team Lidl-Trek

The CORE sensor is a game-changer because it delivers low-cost, precise, accurate and repeatable data. This allows me to prescribe precise thermal loads for each athlete, letting them adapt without overstressing their body. We also use the CORE sensor to hone cooling strategies in various conditions, which means athletes get needed cooling without overhydrating.All of this is possible not just because CORE produces a great sensor – their team also delivers fantastic support.

Olav Aleksander Bu World Class Triathlon Coach

I used CORE data throughout the 1000 km of the Race Across France and it really helped.  On the Iseran Pass I was very cold and went down to 36.9° C during the descent so I stopped to warm up.  On Mt. Ventoux my temperature rose to 39.9° C. I was fatigued and forgot to hydrate, but monitoring my temperature really helped me to keep cycling longer and further.  I can’t do without the data, even when I’m training I always have an eye on it

Benjamin Lachambre Race Across France Participant

CORE helped me tolerate the strong sun. After the race, I had no fatigue, and could immediately continue my training. Last weekend I won overall in a local triathlon, it was my best performance and I’m over the age of 50. CORE absolutely helped me to achieve this and I am looking forward to having similar results at Challenge Gunsan-Saemanguem in June.

Sang Whan Oh Age Grouper Triathlete and Coach


Kristian Blummenfelt Olympic Gold Medalist in triathlon and 2021 Ironman World Champion

In 2022, Kristian became Ironman World Champion at the first World Championship held at Saint George.  He then became the first person to complete an Ironman-distance triathlon in under seven hours during the Pho3nix Sub-7 Sub-8 event at theLausitzringrace track in Germany. He’s currently using CORE to prepare for the Paris Olympic Games.

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GUSTAV IDEN Kona record setter and 2022 Ironman World Champion

Gustav is a 2022 Ironman World champion and a two-time winner of theIronman 70.3 World Championship, winning in 2019 and 2021. Together with Kristian Blummenfelt, he’s part of the famous “Norwegian train” currently dominating the triathlon.

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CASPER STORNES Norwegian Triathlete

Casper is a Norwegian triathlete. Gold medal at the European mixed relay championships in 2023, he was also part of the first 1-2-3 for a nation’s athletes within the ITU World Triathlon Series, winning at ITU WTS Bermuda in 2018.

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Tom Evans Western States Ultra Race 2023 Winner

An ultrarunning athlete from the UK, Tom won the UTMB in 2018, the Ultra-Trail World Tour in New Zealand in 2020.  After he started using CORE in 2022 Tom won the Western States Endurance Run in 2023.

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JULIA MAYER 10x Austrian National Championship Title Winner

A former football player, Julia is an Austrian runner, 4x Austrian Record Holder, and 19x National Champion. She’s an early CORE adopter and currently using it to train for several upcoming championships as well as the Paris Olympics.

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HANNES NAMBERGER Lavaredo Ultra Trail Winner

A former alpine skier, Hannes is a German Ultra trail runner that began using CORE in 2022. He subsequently won both Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2022 and UTCT 2022.

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Cycling teams

Other Athletes

ANDRI FRISCHKNECHT European Mountain Biking Gold Medalist

A Swiss pro mountain biker, Andri is a circuit veteran that’s regularly scoring podium positions at national and international competitions including a European Gold Medal in 2019.

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JORDAN SARROU Cross Country Mountain Bike Championship Winner

Born in France, Jordan has been victorious both at home and abroad, winning his first gold medal at the French Junior Championships in 2009. In 2020, he was cross-country UCI World Champion. Jordan used CORE to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.

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ARNAUD MANZANINI Record Holding Ultra Marathon Cyclist

Arnaud is a pioneer in the burgeoning sport of ultrariding. He participated several times in the Race Across America and founded the Race Across France, France’s most important ultrariding event in Europe. He’s also the host of Ultratalk, a popular podcast on the subject of ultra races. Arnaud is an early user of CORE and used it on his ultraride to the North Cape in 2021.

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Performance coaches

KEVIN POULTON World-Tour Level Coach And Renowned Expert In Indoor Training

Kevin is a well-known World Tour-level coach. He was responsible for developing the indoor training protocols that gave Mat Hayman the Paris–Roubaix victory. From that moment, indoor training became a widely used tool for cyclists, and Kevin is probably the most renowned expert in this field. He lives in Australia and travels worldwide. He also coached Caleb Ewan and Alex Dowsett.

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OLAV ALEKSANDR BU Norwegian Olympic Team Coach And Sports Scientist

Olav is the Olympic Team Coach and Sports Scientist for the Norwegian National Team in triathlon. On top of that, he works with athletes in rowing, kayaking, cycling and swimming. He is also a keynote speaker about sports, as well as a seasoned sailor. Olav is our ambassador for the Nordic countries.

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TERRENCE MAHON US Running Team coach

Terrence Mahon has been an elite running coach for over 20 years. He has guided the likes of Deena Kastor and Ryan Hall to American records, and has coached athletes to the Olympics and World finals from 800m up to the marathon. He co-founded the Golden Coast Track Club and now coaches alongside his wife, Jen Rhines.

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