Used by athletes and teams worldwide

The CORE Body Temperature monitoring technology delivers athletes, coaches, and sports scientists with insights to help them monitor core body temperature in real-time and improve heat training, heat acclimation, optimise cooling strategies and use these insights for strategic racing.


CORE is used by UCI Worldteams and Continental Teams


We are proud to collaborate with several triathletes from the Norwegian Triathlon Team, competing at the top level.


Kristian Blummenfelt is a Norwegian professional triathlete racing elite. He is the current world record holder for the 70.3 distance and has scored many podiums during the last years. Blummenfelt trains up to eight hours a day, swimming up to 45 km, cycling about 400 km, and running up to 120 km per week.

Gustav Iden

Gustav competes within the ITU World Triathlon Series, ITU Triathlon World Cup, Super League Triathlon, and 70.3 Ironman distance. He won a gold medal at the 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championship. In 2018 he was part of a world-first Norwegian 1-2-3 with his compatriots Casper Stornes and Kristian Blummenfelt at ITU WTS Bermuda.

Casper Stornes

Casper is the third pillar of the Norwegian team, together with Kristian and Casper. Competing at the top level since 2017, he has already scored several podiums, including a first position at the ITU WTS Bermuda in 2018.

Lotte Miller

Lotte started her athletic career as a junior triathlete in 2012, competing both at European and international levels. She has been consistently improving her marks since 2015, when she joined the ranks of elite professional women. Her goal is to keep the excellent progression and score some podiums in the months to come.

Stine Dale

Stine is one of the team's younger members, yet he has been racing elite since 2018. She was the Norwegian Junior Champion in 2016 and the Norwegian Sprint Triathlon Champion in 2019. At the international level, her best result was 4th place in Hamburg, 2020. A young promise with a bright future ahead, indeed!

Solveig Natvig Løvseth

Solveig is another young athlete joining the Norgewian national team in 2020 as a promising U-23 triathlete. She is competing both in European and International competitions, starting with Karlovy in 2020. She will be tirelessly working through the whole year to improve her marks.


We are also collaborating with the following triathletes

Ronnie Schildknecht

Swiss triathlete with a long track record of winnings: 11x Iron Man Champion, 9x Ironman Switzerland Champion, 4th place at Kona, ITU duathlon long-distance European champion, and 6x duathlon swiss champion. He's also the winner of multiple 70.3 races. Ronnie is also a coach, as well as one of the early adopters of CORE.


Fernando started his professional career as the junior triathlon world champion in 2010. After that, he was second at the European Triathlon Championship in 2018, fourth at the World Championship in 2019, and third at the Triathlon World Series at Abu Dabhi, among many other achievements. Right now, he's preparing for Tokyo 2021.


Patrik is a Swedish professional triathlete with the BMC team. In 2018, he claimed the Vice-European Ironman title in Frankfurt. A year later, he was first in the Ironman North American Championship in Texas, plus second in Ironman Dubai and Ironman Jönköping. He is currently preparing for the Ironman World Championship in Kona.


Judith is a Spanish professional triathlete competing at the top level since 2014. She has reached the podium in several international competitions, including the second position on the ITU Long Distance World Championship in 2019 and the Silver Medal on the Medium Distance Spanish Championship in 2020. Judith is now preparing for Ironman Kona 2021.

Nathan Dortmann

A French triathlete based in Australia, he won the ITU Long Distance World Champion 2015(AG 20-24). He subsequently won the overall AG category multiple times and podiumed in every race in Asia, Europe and America. He also competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona (2016 and 2019) and will be back in 2021. He is racing elite and recently won both Sunshine Coast 70.3 overall AG and Cairns 70.3 overall AG.


Kevin is a US triathlete who has been competing since 2009 when he was a Youth Olympic Games medallist and World Junior medallist. His most recent achievements include the 2017 US triathlon Elite Nation championship, and several podiums at ITU Triathlon World Cup competitions over the last three years in Sarasota, Huelva, Tongyeong and Cagliari. Right now, he’s preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. He’s also a cancer survivor.

Other athletes


Julia started her professional career as a runner in 2017 and immediately won her first national title. Between 2018 and 2021, she won ten national championship titles, combined with several national team appearances and personal best performances, positioning herself in third place in the all-time Austrian best list. Since October 2020, she is training as an army athlete for her big goal - Tokyo.


Jordan is a french mountain biker competing since 2009 at national and international levels. In 2020, he won the Cross-Country UCI Mountain Bike World Championships and the Cross Country French National Mountain Bike Championship. Right now, he is preparing for the upcoming competitions using CORE.

Andri Frischknecht

Andri is a Swiss cross-country mountain biker, son and grandson of professional cyclist. Competing since 2014, he won several medals both at national and international levels, including a Gold Medal at the European Championship in 2019, and a Silver Medal at the World Championship in 2014.

SOFIA gómez villafane

Sofía is a professional mountain biker born in Argentina. She was Argentinian National Champion in 2018 and 2019. Right now, she's racing for the Clif Pro Team and preparing for Tokyo 2021. Over the last two years, Sofía has also scored a podium for several women’s elite races in the US.

Arnaud Manzanini

Arnaud is a well-known ultra-distance rider holding many records: first in the Race Across America, first in the Race Across France, and the ultra-cycling world record in 2019. He's also the founder of Race Across France, an ultra-riding competition, and hosts a well-known French cycling podcast.


Kevin Poulton

Kevin is a well-known World Tour-level coach. He was responsible for developing the indoor training protocols that gave Mat Hayman the Paris–Roubaix victory. From that moment, indoor training became a widely used tool for cyclists, and Kevin is probably the most renowned expert in this field. He lives in Australia and travels worldwide. He also coached Caleb Ewan and Alex Dowsett.

Olav Aleksander Bu

Olav is the Olympic Team Coach and Sports Scientist for the Norwegian National Team in triathlon. On top of that, he works with athletes in rowing, kayaking, cycling and swimming. He is also a keynote speaker about sports, as well as a seasoned sailor. Olav is our ambassador for the Nordic countries.

Carles Tur

Carles Tur is a coach based in Barcelona. He has been a high-performance coach for 15 years, working with top athletes in football, triathlon, cycling and sailing. Right now, he's a performance coach for the Spanish Sailing Federation and other athletes participating in international competitions, including the Olympic Games.


Roberto teaches sports science at the University of Alicante (Spain). He coaches several young stars in the university triathlon team, including Fernando Alarza, Roberto Sánchez Mantecón (U23 Triathlon World Champion in 2019) and Lasse Lührs. He is also regularly published in specialised scientific journals, focusing on sports performance for triathlon.

Mario Schmidt-Weidling

Mario is a triathlon coach based in Frankfurt (Germany). Among his numerous awards is the world championship for the Iron Man TriClub program (Division III) in 2019. His coachees have also reached many podiums worldwide during the last years, proof of Mario's world-class coaching.

Aaron Geiser

Aaron Geiser is a performance coach for triathlon and running. He is a USA Triathlon All-American as well as a Gold Ironman All World Athlete. He has qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals (United States of America Triathlon Association) and is a World Championships qualifier for Ironman. He's also a top Endure IQ coach. He is based in Kentucky (USA).


Chilean coach Felipe Araya leads seminars and clinics Nationally, mixing knowledge from the Exercise Physiology field, Coaching, and Training with Power to improve the performance of both trainers and trainees. Many of his athletes qualified for Ironman World Championships, while others have achieved goals like qualifying for The Boston Marathon, or just having developed the Best Version of themselves.


Pablo is a high performance triathlon and cycling coach who believes in data analysis to understand the individual physiology of each of his athletes and measure improvements as well as quantifying what is the right training load on a daily basis. He uses CORE to maximise performance and to stay ahead of heat-stress impacts.

More athletes and coaches using CORE

CORE is also used by independent athletes, coaches and sports scientists

Alistair Brownlee

Dan Bigham

Joe Friel

Philipp Mock

Richard Santiago

Richael Timothy

Damian Ruse

Victor de la Parte

Jonny Wale

Ronald Kuba