Guide: Connecting the CORE sensor to your Suunto watch

CORE is like any other sensor, set it up once and it automatically connects. For sports use, ensure that you have also paired your heart rate monitor with your CORE.

From November 2022, Suunto started releasing the updates for integration with the CORE sensor beginning with the Suunto Peak Pro 9 (Version 2.20.30). The December 2022 firmware upgrade 2.23.20 brings the CORE capabilities to all other Suunto 9 models. 


First step, get up to date

  • Ensure you have the latest Suunto App and your watch is also updated with the latest firmware version. 
  • For some watches such as the Suunto Baro 9, the update is not yet available.


Suunto Core Sensor


  1. Select your watch (icon top left) to connect
  2. On the following page, select My SuuntoPlus Store
  3. Locate the CORE App
  4. Install

Make sure your CORE sensor is charged so that the Suunto can receive the data. 

Tip: The CORE sensor currently allows one bluetooth connection and if it is connected to another bluetooth device (such as the CORE phone app), the Suunto watch may not be able to connect. A CORE update is on the way to resolve this, until then make sure the CORE is not currently paired to other devices.


Getting CORE into your workouts

1 - Choose the activity (e.g. Cycling, Running)
2 - Before pressing Start, scroll down to Options
3 - Select Sports Apps
4 - Select CORE (then it searches for your CORE sensor)
5 - Typically it then reports "Connected" and returns to the previous menu
   - If it does not find the CORE, there is an option to retry
   - When connection is successful, Beneath Sports App is the word CORE
6 - You can now begin your activity

Realtime CORE data is displayed on a watch face, after the activity has started, it also displays additional 'temperature trend' information that indicates if the core body temperature is increasing / decreasing.