CORE is now in production for worker and healthy safety

CORE is now in production for worker and healthy safety-CORE

As announced previously, CORE has prioritized production for workforce protection following the outbreak of the global Covid-19 Pandemic and a high number of requests. We have sought to build a device that helps companies all over the world protect their workforce with early detection and prevention of elevated body temperatures. 

We are happy to announce that our wearable CORE Body Temperature device is currently in production and we have started shipping. It will still take a while to fulfill our backorders. For those customers that already placed an order, we appreciate your patience while you await your CORE.  Of course, we welcome new orders of CORE.

How can CORE help your company?

CORE is a small and easy to wear device that easily attaches to the chest either via a medical patch or a chest strap. It is also easy to disinfect for reuse/share with other users. Below you will find a quick overview of its features:

  1. Highly accuracy. Using GeenTEG’s innovative and patented sensor technology it measures core body temperature based on the energy transfer from within the body. This solution enables accurate results independent of the environmental conditions or activity. CORE’s accuracy is far superior in comparison with traditional skin-based temperature sensors solutions.

  2. Non-invasive. Unlike accurate ingestible ePills or catheters, the CORE device allows for monitoring of core body temperature without invasive and costly approaches. CORE uses skin contact and measures the energy transfer to accurately calculate core body temperature!

  3. Continuously monitor. CORE continuously gathers and transmit data once a second for days on end before needing a recharge. Traditional ear or rectal temperature measurements with thermometers in comparison delivery snap shots in time and are non-continuous.

If you want to learn more about data gathering and integration with other devices, please contact us.