CORE collaborates with world-class triathletes in their competition lead-up

We are pleased to finally announce our collaboration with several athletes from the Norwegian Triathlon Team, including world class athletes Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden and Casper Stornes, as well as female athletes Lotte Miller, Stine Dale and Solveig Natvig Løvseth.  The athletes will benefit from the advanced insights captured from the CORE Body Temperature Monitoring technology while preparing for upcoming competitions this year. This is also an important collaboration for CORE with the Olympic Team Coach and Sports Scientist Olav Aleksander Bu, who works at the cutting edge of sports performance and will help us develop our technology further to ultimately benefits to all athletes. 

The Norwegian triathlon team is a success story which is built upon talent, continual improvements and excellence in sporting science. In less than a decade, the team has transformed into a nation of leading Triathletes. The ten-year plan culminates with the ultimate goal of winning at Japan in 2021. One part of the strategy is using advanced analytics which means that everything is considered, from blood lactate levels through to the road surface conditions in order to select the ideal tyres and tyre pressure. The summer in Tokyo is billed to be hot and humid which means heat adaption is crucial for athletes and this is where the CORE technology will ensure the team is prepared. 

In the past, athletes relied upon invasive thermometers to gather accurate data. CORE simplifies this, it is a compact and easy-to-wear device that integrates seamlessly with existing sports technology. Not only does it capture accurate core body temperature metrics, CORE can also deliver this in real-time. With this data on-hand, Olav will guide the athletes through several acclimatisation protocols to ensure that they are prepared for the hot and humid conditions at Tokyo and help them excel.  

The team at CORE are thrilled to work together with Olav Aleksander Bu and the athletes he coaches. This validates the importance of accurate core body temperature monitoring for athletes and also helps us to further advance our technology.  

As a sneak-peak, Kristian Blummenfelt has published a YouTube video that provides a glimpse into a high-tech altitude training camp in Sierra Nevada in Granada, Spain. Stay tuned for more insights into the CORE technology and the athletic journey for the Norwegian Triathlon Team.