Guide: Connect the CORE sensor to your COROS watch

All COROS watches with the latest firmware now support the CORE Body Monitoring Temperature Sensor and can be paired via bluetooth. After setting-up the first time, after this the COROS watch automatically connects to the CORE sensor.

The COROS watch supports:

  • Realtime display of the core body temperature
  • Maximum core body temperature
  • Minimum core body temperature
  • Average core body temperature

After an activity the watch show summary data and the core body temperature graph can be viewed in the COROS app.


The CORE sensor is compatible with COROS PACE 2, APEX 42/46mm, APEX Pro, VERTIX and VERTIX 2 watches with the firmware from January 2022 or newer.

Video Guide

Setting up the CORE sensor with your COROS watch

Follow the setup guidance for the CORE sensor and ensure you have the latest apps and firmware for both the CORE sensor and the COROS watch. If you have previously connected to the CORE sensor with the CORE App, first disconnect.

If you are using the CORE sensor for sports activity, follow the guidance below to set up the heart rate monitor which is recommended for accurate data.

1. Ensure that the CORE sensor is activated

Ensure that the CORE sensor is charged and shake it to wake it up. A green LED in the top left of the CORE sensor will flash.

2. On the COROS watch, pair via bluetooth

Go into the watch menu: System > Accessories > Add Bluetooth
The watch will then quickly find the CORE sensor which can be selected and paired.

3. Setup the data fields

Using the latest COROS app that which is also connected to your watch - select the watch, then choose "Workout Data" and then the activity where you would like to update the data fields.

In the bottom menu, on the far right you can add data fields for the (Realtime) Body Temperature, Max Body Temperature, Min Body temperature and Avg Body temperature.

Tip: Wear the CORE sensor 10 minutes before starting an activity so that it can adjust and start recording accurate temperature.

4. Start your activity

Check that the CORE sensor is being worn correct, is also charged and in close range.

The fields may initially display --,-- during an activity. After about 15 seconds, the coros watch will then start to display the core body temperature data.

Activity Summary

After an activity, the watch displays a summary with the average, maximum and minimum core body temperature from the activity. In the COROS app, a graph of the core body temperature data during the activity is available and can be clicked-on to expand and overlay other metrics.

Bluetooth Tip

The CORE sensor and COROS watch connect via bluetooth which can prevent a simultaneous connections with Apps. Inside the CORE app it is recommended to disconnect from the CORE sensor before using it with the COROS watch.

Heart Rate Monitor Pairing

For sports use, it is recommended that the CORE sensor is paired with a heart rate monitor as this increases the accuracy and speed of the core body temperature data.

Currently bluetooth limitations do not yet allow the CORE sensor to pair to the onboard COROS heart rate monitor (this is on the roadmap for upcoming improvements). The CORE sensor can be paired to an external ANT+ heart rate monitor (which are commonly on heart rate monitor chest straps) via the CORE app.