Garmin Connect IQ

Connecting the CORE sensor to Garmin watches and bike computers

For Garmin devices there is is a CORE Connect-IQ Data Field as well as a CORE ConnectIQ Widget. These can be downloaded, installed, synchronised and updated using the Garmin ConnectIQ Smartphone App.

The CORE ConnectIQ Data Field for Garmin cycle computers and Garmin watches allows you to view live core body temperature data in a data field and record this activity data to the FIT file.

The CORE ConnectIQ Widget is a watch face to display live core body temperature metrics on many of the Garmin watches.

The CORE sensors is paired and then broadcasts data to the paired Garmin device over ANT+

CORE Data Field Setup in overview

Ensure you have followed the CORE Fast Start guide for Sports and already paired your Heart Rate Monitor to your CORE.

Pairing to a heart rate monitor is essential for sports. The CORE can be paired with an ANT+ chest strap heart rate monitor or watches that broadcast heart rate over ANT+

Use the Garmin ConnectIQ Smartphone App to download and install the CORE ConnectIQ App from Garmin (data field).

Some Garmin Devices may automatically search for and pair to the CORE sensor. For some Garmin Devices, you need to then opening the settings:
Device > Activities & App Management > Data Fields > CORE Body Temperature Monitor DataField > Settings > CORE Sensor Id

Inside CORE Sensor Id, enter the unique CORE sensor ID number which can be found inside the CORE App > Settings > ANT+ ID

(In the case you have multiple CORE Sensors, the Garmin may try to pair to the first one it finds so it is recommended to manually check that the CORE Sensor Id matches

After installation, on your Garmin device open you then assign CORE to a data field and the approach may differ depending on the Garmin device.

Typically the data field can be accessed in: Settings > Activity Profiles
Inside each Activity Profile you are using, allocate one data field as a Connect-IQ -> CORE data field.

The data field does not need to be on the first screen, but it needs to be on at least one data field so that the data records to your FIT file.

Connect-IQ CORE Data Field Settings

CORE Sensor Id - This can usually be left at the default 0 and when you connect to the CORE sensor it will automatically update.

In the case that there are multiple CORE sensors, to ensure you are connecting the correct CORE sensor to the Garmin, you can manually enter the ANT id number. You can find the ANT ID of the CORE sensor inside the CORE app > Settings.

Backward compatible FIT file - By default this can remain off. For Training Peaks users however this needs to be on. As Training Peaks does not yet support core body temperature data, it is then written into another field so that it can be opened in Training Peaks. Please note that when this field is on, the CORE can't be used on a Garmin together with a MOXY sensor.

Heart Rate Sensor ID - Please ignore this field and pair the CORE sensor to a heart rate monitor using the CORE App. In future we plan to build the capability to automatically pair over Garmin.

High Temperature Alert - By default this is 0 and no alerts will be triggered. Set a temperature (ºC or ºF) and when reached and remains for 3 minutes, it will trigger an alert on your Garmin device. If your temperature increases by a further 0.21ºC another alert will be triggered.

Low Temperature Alert - By default this is 0 and no alerts will be triggered. Set a temperature (ºC or ºF) and when this temperature is reached and remains for 3 minutes, it will trigger an alert on your Garmin device. If your temperature decreases by a further another 0.19ºC another alert will be triggered.

Display Options - By default this is 0 and can be changed to match preferences:

Display Option 0 - In the data field it will display the real-time core body temperature.

Display Option 1 - In the data field it will alternative between real-time core body temperature and skin temperature.

Display Option 4 and 5 - This is developer / Bug Fixing data and not needed.

Display Option 16 - Inside Connect-IQ, irrespective of your Garmin settings the core body temperature data is set in Celcius ºC. Change the Display Option to '16' so that the connect-IQ data shows in Fahrenheit ºF.

Display Option 17 - This is a combination of '1' and '16' meaning that the onscreen display with alternate between core body temperature and skin temperature and inside Connect-IQ the summary will be displayed in Fahrenheit ºF (instead of Celcius).

Display Option 32 - In the case you are using Stryd and are having issues running the CORE sensor and Stryd sensor simultaneously and displaying and recording the data from both, you can set the Display Option to '32'.

Celcius / Fahrenheit and Units

The core body temperature data (and if selected, the skin temperature) will be displayed based on your Garmin device settings.

The only exception is the summary data which is always displayed on Garmin Connect-IQ in celcius. Follow the guide above (display options) if you would like this to be displayed in Fahrenheit.

Garmin Activities

Please be aware, on Garmin devices the procedure for starting an activity may differ, please refer to your Garmin product manual or the Garmin Support page.


Garmin Datafield Video

CORE Widget Settings

Insert the ANT ID directly in the settings of the widget.

On most Garmin watches, the widget's settings can be accessed by pressing the menu button for 1 second.


  • When pairing and using CORE, keep the CORE fairly close to your Garmin
  • If you don't spot CORE, it helps to shake CORE, as this will ensure your CORE is turned on and transmitting correctly' indicated by the green flashing LED.
  • Keep your CORE firmware up-to-date! The Android and iOS Apps will automatically prompt you to update and gives you the benefit of continuing improvements.
  • Sometimes after a fresh install, the data field only displays an IQ logo. In this case, restarting the Garmin device can help reset it so it connects and receives real-time data from the CORE sensor.  
  • If nothing else works, a magnet reset of the CORE device can help. (swipe a magnet over lower section on the SKIN side of your CORE until the LED flashes). For more detailed information on resetting your CORE follow these steps.