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CORE Sensor compatibility

The CORE sensor uses ANT+ and Bluetooth and can connect to leading sports watches and computers. Integration with other systems and platforms is growing every day.

For brands and developers, Integration of CORE sensor data is easy and fast, and we have developer information. Our experts will gladly support!

This is an overview on CORE sensor compatibility/integration with links to setup guides and apps and downloads.

CORE sensor App and Cloud

CORE App (bluetooth)
Setup your CORE device, view live and recorded data along with analytical info, and synchronise your data to the CORE cloud.

CORE App Setup Guide  |  
iOS Download  | Android Download

CORE Cloud web app
Automatically synchronizes your data (via the App) for a permanent storage.

CORE Cloud Guide | CORE Cloud Login

CORE sensor compatible devices

Garmin Devices - DataField (ANT+)
Via Garmin Connect-IQ, the CORE DataField supports computers and watches including the Edge series and Forerunner. It shows live core body temperature data onscreen and records to the FIT file activities.

Garmin DataField Setup Guide  |
Download Connect-IQ DataField

Garmin Watches - Widget (ANT+)
Using Garmin Connect-IQ CORE Widget, this is a watch-face to display your live core body temperature 'at a glance'.

Garmin Widget etup Guide  |
Download CORE Connect-IQ Widget

COROS watch CORE sensor

COROS Watches (Bluetooth)
COROS watches with a firmware from January 2022 (or newer) support the CORE sensor and can display and record core body temperature data.

COROS Setup Guide  |
Video Guide

Suunto Watch CORE sensor

Suunto Watches (Bluetooth)
Suunto launched CORE sensor compatibility with Suunto watches with the SuuntoPlus Store CORE app in November 2022.

Suunto Setup Guide

Wahoo CORE sensor

Wahoo Bike Computers (ANT+)
Wahoo cycle computers can show and save core body temperature data via a provision solution and a native integration has been confirmed by Wahoo.

Wahoo Setup Guide

Hammerhead (ANT+)
The Hammerhead Karoo 2 has native support for the CORE sensor.

Hammerhead Karoo 2 Setup Guide

Apple Watch (iPhone Bluetooth)
Your Apple Watch can display your live core body temperature (via your iPhone CORE App).

Apple watch Setup Guide 

wearOS Watches (Bluetooth)
Watch faces for wearOS to check your real-time core body temperature.

WearOS Setup Guide  |
Download CORE wearOS App

Garmin Third party CORE apps and DataFields 
Independent apps that capture and display CORE sensor ANT+ data:
Ultimate Pro Cycling Data Field


CORE connects with the most advanced VO2 wearable analyzer. It enables lab-grade weight management and performance analysis anywhere and anytime.

CORE sensor compatible indoor training platforms

CORE is integrated with FulGaz, one of the most popular indoor cycling platforms, with thousands of users worlwide.

Fulgaz Setup Guide

CORE sensor compatible Software and Apps

today's plan (FIT files)
View core body temperature and skin temperature data inside the today's plan phone and web app

today's plan Setup Guide

Golden Cheetah (FIT files)
The Opensource training application can be easily adjusted to plot the CORE sensor metrics recorded to the FIT file.

Golden Cheetah Setup Guide | Download Golden Cheetah Template (FIT files)
The popular online training analysis application has native support for core body temperature data Setup Guide

Training Peaks (FIT files)
The premium version of Training Peaks allows custom graphs to be created which can display core body temperature data while the WKO5 desktop application has dashboards available.

Training Peaks Setup Guide

WKO5 Dashboards
CoreTemp Garmin Celcius WKO5 Dashboard (zip)
CoreTemp Garmin Fahrenheit WKO5 Dashboard (zip)
CoreTemp Wahoo Celcius WKO5 Dashboard (zip)
*Wahoo does not yet support Fahrenheit

MATS Fit Files
The new German online training solution for your planning, data analysis, coaches chat and remote diagnostic has native support for the core body temperature data.

MATS Setup Guide

Fit Files
The CORE sensor can write to the new CORE Temp ANT+ and Bluetooth Standard compatible hardware and software can record and display the data.

More FIT file information

Something Missing ?

If you know about a CORE compatible device or solution that is not already listed here, let us know!

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