5 Tips for Becoming Heat Aware

After using CORE for a while you will begin to notice trends in the way your body reacts to different heat variables. Here are 5 things to look out for when optimizing your thermoregulation in training and racing.



1. Notice the core temperature at which you start to sweat – and when you start to sweat heavily. Is that number influenced by skin temperature and Heat Strain Index?
2. Notice the core temperature and Heat Strain Index where your performance starts to suffer. Hint: Look at heart rate decoupling – when your power/pace remains constant, but your heart rate rises.
3. Once your core temp reaches an elevated level (say, 38.5° C/101° F), is it easy to lower back down to 38.0°C/100.4°F? How does this affect when to implement cooling strategies?
4. At a given core temp and given air temperature, are you more comfortable in high humidity, or low humidity with strong sun? There’s no ‘right answer’ to this – individual responses vary.
5. Have you experienced a high core temperature with a low skin temperature? For example, doing intense intervals in a low air temperature (or cool rain); or a long descent in the mountains after a hard climb? Did you feel hot or cold?