How Gustav Iden used the CORE sensor and heat training for Kona IRONMAN

"I had never raced in Kona before the 2022 Ironman World Championships. Many thought that I could not win without experience in the island’s legendary heat and humidity. But I was extremely well prepared for the heat because I had used the CORE sensor to simulate the core body temperatures I would experience during the race. My body adapted to those elevated core temps just like it would have if I had always trained and raced in Kona.

Gustav Iden Kona IRONMAN world championship

"On race day, I knew what core temps I could sustain on the bike and run, and how I needed to cool myself. And I knew I could give my best in Kona’s heat and humidity without getting too hot. Everything went to plan during the race. I did not feel impacted by the heat. And, late in the marathon, when I needed to surge to catch the leader, I was confident I could go hard for 30 minutes without melting down.

Gustav Iden Kona Ironman winner training

"It was proof to me that precise heat training and simulating race-day core temps was at least as good as – if not better than – having raced on the island before."