How Pro Triathlete Emma Pallant-Browne uses CORE


Living and training in South Africa, Emma Pallant-Browne uses CORE to support her conditioning and performance as a Professional Triathlete, specializing in long course racing. 

Working with CORE has not only elevated her training protocols and strategy, but also serves as a guide when making mid-race tactical decisions. With upcoming key races on her calendar taking place in hot and humid environments, Emma incorporates regular heat and humidity-based conditioning sessions into her training, both in easily-controlled indoor environments and carefully selected training camp destinations.

“I find humidity really, really hard to condition… It gets me super fit, but sometimes pushing it over the edge and actually getting ill. The heat index stress score has meant I can keep a monitor on that and know when I'm over-pushing and have to back it off a little bit so that I don't get overrun, ill, injured and can keep that consistency of training.”

Emma's top advice? Use CORE to track your data, know your optimal heat training zone, and let that guide your setup, intensity, and training frequency.