Kristian Blummenfelt reveals how he uses the CORE sensor

"I use the CORE sensor for heat training during the entire season. Heat training builds blood plasma, which gives me more power, even in cool conditions. Early in the season I do a heat training block, and then maintain those performance gains with a few heat sessions each week. CORE makes it easy, so I don’t overstress myself by training too hot.

Kristian Blummenfelt core sensor testimonial

"It’s natural to think about heat training only for hot races like the Tokyo Olympics. And, indeed, we had worked extensively with the CORE team in training for that. But the 2022 Ironman 70.3 World Championships was in cool weather. There, I was able to secure the win during the last few kilometres of the run.

Kristian Blummenfelt heat training program

"It was a hard-fought race and it reminded me that heat training is important even in cooler conditions because the body still heats up from the intensity of racing. If the body is not adapted to those higher core temps, it will lose power. Because of my heat training with CORE, I was adapted, and I had that extra advantage. That let me speed up when it mattered most."