Olav Aleksander Bu - how the CORE sensor technology drives athletic performance

"In the past, there were two ways to do heat training and acclimation – by guesswork, which was very imprecise; or with a lot of cost in the lab using e-pills inserted rectally. I found the first one unacceptable, and the athletes did not like the second one.

"The CORE sensor is a game-changer because it delivers low-cost, precise, accurate and repeatable data. Athletes see their core temp data continuously on their devices, and I see it on their workout files. It’s important to track long-term trends, and to do that I need frequent data points – not just an occasional spot check in the lab. CORE gives me core temp data for every workout, and it’s non-intrusive for the athletes.

Olav Aleksander Bu Heat Training core body temperature

"This trend data allows me to prescribe precise thermal loads for each athlete, letting them adapt without overstressing their body. We know from the past that too much thermal load leaves them too fried to perform high intensity training the next day. CORE keeps them within limits and leaves them fresh enough for their next workout.

"We also use the CORE sensor to hone cooling strategies for each athlete in various conditions. The abundance of data means we can do real-world controlled trials. For example, ahead of the Tokyo Olympics the team at CORE helped us test a number of tri-suits to find the one that gave the best cooling without taking away the aerodynamic advantages. And we know the optimal hydration levels for each athlete, which means they can get the needed cooling without overhydrating.

Advanced heat training in triathlon

"All of this is possible not just because CORE produces a great sensor – their team also delivers fantastic support. We can always rely on them give us the answers and solutions we need."