The Peloton's Best Kept Secret

Adoption Across the Top

With every variable nearly leveled across the peloton, the last frontier for gaining a competitive edge is thermoregulation. Two-thirds of the UCI WorldTour men’s and women’s teams have used CORE to help monitor and optimize core body temperatures to gain a competitive edge.

Who is Using CORE?

We have seen virtually all the World Tour teams using CORE at some point to support their performance needs, with some purchasing the technology out of pocket. However, CORE is proud to be officially supporting the following 8 teams in the professional men’s and women’s peloton.

That’s over 230 riders wearing CORE to optimise their training and performance. As a result, vast amounts of data are being collected by the team’s sports scientists and leveraged together with CORE’s team of scientists to inform teams of how to train to adapt the body to race in hot conditions and manage thermal stress throughout the season. An example of this work in action is testing the thermoregulation properties of team kits and providing feedback and recommendations and round-the-clock access during the racing season. 

"Using CORE to monitor the core body temperatures of the Bora Hansgrohe riders has been a game-changer. The use of CORE sensors has a major influence in developing specific warm-up procedures before races, optimal fluid intake, and in our choice of clothing."

-Dan Lorang
Head Performance Coach, BORA-Hansgrohe

Cooler is Faster