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CORE continues to receive core body temp reviews praising its core body temp sensor. A few of them are summarized below.

CORE body temp opinions

Dan Lorang - CORE Body Temp reviews

Dan Lorang, Head of Performance/Head Coach with UCI WorldTeam  Bora-hansgrohe gave his core body temp review.

“We mainly used the 2021 CORE sensors to prepare for the Tour de France, the Olympic Games and the Vuelta. The main focus was on the individual differences in acclimatization to heat under exertion, both to monitor and to control the intensity of exertion. We mainly used the sensors in training. The riders then carefully looked at the numbers. In the race we recorded the data, but the riders didn't look at it.

The CORE sensors showed us for the first time how big the individual differences are, especially regarding the temperature threshold. This means the point from which the stress on the rider becomes uncomfortable or no longer tolerable. There were differences of up to 0.8 °C/ 1.4 °F, which is a huge difference in body temperature. At the same time, we could really measure that with training we managed to get higher performance at the same core body temperature after a good heat adaptation.

By measuring with CORE, we were also able to measure the influence of cooling and, above all, to train the athletes to pay attention to the topic. The topics of cooling and heat were perceived more consciously and also led to a calibration between body awareness and measured values. So far, we have not worked with temperature zones as much, as this is not so easy out on the road. What we did was, on the intense intervals, we made sure that we didn't go too far beyond individual temperature limits, regardless of what the wattage was. Intensity was adjusted to core body temperature for these intervals.

The Spanish UCI mountain bike Team X-Sauce Factory given its core body temp opinion based on their first impressions of CORE:

CORE Body Temp Reviews - X-Sauce Factory Team

“For two months we have been using CORE, a new device that allows us to monitor the core temperature of our athletes in their training sessions and competitions. Its use is very simple, intuitive and functional, and has become an important tool for instantly collecting data. We relate these temperature data with others such as changes in heart rate and power to see how high core temperature conditions affected these.

“Our team uses technology to control variables that affect body temperature and sports performance. We have implemented different protocols that allow us to maintain a lower core temperature, such as specific warm-up procedures prior to competitions and the choice of cooler clothing. We also control the state of hydration before, during and after competitions. We manage not only the volume of fluid consumed but also the concentration of minerals and the temperature of the drink.

“Without a doubt, CORE allows us to precisely quantify variations in body temperature, assess whether the strategies and methods that we try have a positive impact and, in short, study the individualities of each athlete in different training sessions and environments.”

CORE Body Temp Reviews - Carlos Vives

Carlos Vives (@ironvives on Instagram) gave his CORE body temp review after running the Marathon des Sables, a several-day race in the Moroccan desert. The race covers 250 km in 7 days through harsh terrain, with no support and little water. To adapt to the scorching conditions of the race, he previously ran a heat acclimation protocol, combining workouts in the right heat training zone with some sauna sessions. Carlos said about his training with CORE: “Training with CORE allowed me to achieve the heat adaption needed to compete at maximum performance in the desert. It also helped me monitor my internal core body temperature and implement several previously trained cooling strategies, so I didn't go above the red line. Thanks, CORE!"

Experienced CANYON // SRAM rider Hannah Barnes shared her CORE body temp opinion. “I started using the CORE body temperature sensor in the middle of July. So, basically the height of summer in Europe. It's attached to my heart rate strap so I use it during every training ride. It’s been very interesting to see the data, and how my body temperature would react during different rides. I was using it in the Spanish summer so would notice a big drop in my core body temperature when I'd cool myself down for example using a water fountain mid ride.

"During a few interval sessions in August I was struggling to hit my watts and my HR was really high. But now having the CORE sensor and the additional information, I can see that my CORE temperature went over 39.5. With that information I know that I didn’t need to push to do the intervals or worry that I hadn’t done them. At that point of my training it would have been unhelpful to try and do the full interval set.

CORE body temp reviews

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