Common questions and issues with the CORE sensor

CORE is slipping off the heart rate strap or chest strap

Please use the black securing clips which are provided with your CORE. Four clips are provided and one or two can be used.

While the CORE usually remains on the strap, with excess movement, continual movement or friction from other garments the CORE unit can slip off. For this reason, the clips are recommend.

When I shake it, the Green Light does not come on

The device is in deep sleep mode or the battery is not charged.

Connecting CORE to the charging cable (and charging it) will resolve this.

Please be aware that some power banks may not work as the CORE draws too little power so please use a computer or powered USB charging device.

issues charing my core

The CORE Body Temperature Monitoring device uses a very small amount of power for charging and some Power Banks and Power Pods will not work for recharging as they are not 'woken up' or don't remain active when CORE is connected.

This is common amount low-powered rechargeable devices.

To resolve, please connect the CORE with recharging cable to a computer or a power USB charging source to ensure it can be correctly charged.

Charging Cable Care and Trouble-Shooting

The CORE charging cable is convenient with the magnetic connection and it can be powered from most devices with a standard USB port. However there are a few things you can do to take care of your cable and ensure you get a long lifespan.

Avoid water, moisture and high humidity
While the cable is designed to try to resist, it is not a water-proof device can can corrode or fail if it gets wet.

Avoid sweat on connectors
the CORE uses a medical grade plastic and can be cleaned and sanitised with disinfectant - however the contacts on the cable can become susceptible if exposed to sweat.

Avoid 'shorting the cable'

The cable is magnetic which is convenient however if the cable magnetically attaches to a conductive metal item or object, this can 'short the cable' causing it to fail.

Correctly charging CORE

Some power banks will not charge CORE. The CORE Body Temperature device only draws a small amount of power and for power banks this can be too small to 'wake them up' or keep then active. Instead, please use a computer or a powered USB charger.

Recharging Frequency

CORE requires ca. 2 hours for a complete charge (from empty to full) and on a single charge will last about 5 days. Currently the CORE does not turn-off (sleep). To check that CORE is charged, shake it and the green LED will flash.

Replacement Charging Cables

The CORE includes one charging cable and additional cables or spares can be ordered.

The values from CORE seem incorrect

When the CORE sensor calculates, it is trained to know realistic human temperatures. Within this range, sometimes the temperature shown may be hotter or cooler than we expected, and we have described this is a little more detail.

We have also identified some cases where the CORE calculates impossible values and let you know how to identify this and the steps we recommend.

If you are getting high constant readings - you could have a malfunction sensor. If you believe this is happening with your CORE sensor - please contact us.

Good Data - but unexpected
The CORE Body Temperature Monitoring Sensor is calibrated to read your energy transfer and with the algorithm show your core body temperature with an extremely high level of accuracy. At times you may feel cool and the CORE sensor shows that you are actually hotter and vice versa - this is entirely normal as our perception for this metric can vary.

Often outside weather and even your skin temperature (feeling cold or hot) can impact the perception which can naturally vary from the core body temperature.

Over time, as the awareness for your own temperature behaviour develops, you will also be able to better judge how different activities of different physical intensity will impact your core body temperature.

Bad Data - Impossible values / switching High and Low

We identified an issue with some CORE sensors. Typically the sensor works correctly and then after some use may start to show impossibly high and impossibly low values - for example the CORE sensor may show 43ºC and or show 31ºC.

Although there can be a shift in the values if the CORE switches between the 24/7 mode and the sport mode (when it identifies a pairs heart rate monitor and then needs to recalculate), this may only be a small shift and the data would be realistic.

In the case of readings with impossibly high and low values where it suddenly shifts, this is due to a production issue which affected a small number of CORE sensors and specifically in which a small component within the sensor dislodges and causes this flaw.

If you are affected by this - please contact us using the chat function on our website and briefly describe the issue. In the cases in which we identify that you are not affected, often a reset can resolve connection issues. Otherwise it is confirmed that you are affected, we will seek to swiftly rectify this and swap your CORE sensor.

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My initial temperature looks wrong

This was an issue in older firmware. Please ensure you are using the latest app and firmware:

  1. Ensure you are running on the newest CORE firmware. You should be asked to do this automatically, but here's the tutorial for more information.

  2. Ensure your app is up to date.

Battery discharging quickly

A new optional feature has been added to extend battery life.

Go to your CORE sensor settings and enable 'Standby Mode'.
Remeber you will now need to 'shake' to wake up your CORE before you can start using it again.

CORE will automatically turn off after approximitly 20 minutes of not being worn.

Your CORE seems not to be working - see our general troubleshooting tips