CORE Body Temp Sensor Reviews

CORE has received countless customer reviews complimenting its core body temp sensor. A few of them are summarized below.

CORE body temp sensor reviews

We value CORE body temp customer opinions, and we appreciate the feedback we receive from coaches and both professional and amateur athletes using CORE sensors. Below is a sampling of some of these customer reviews.

CORE Body Temp Sensor Reviews - Kristian Blummenfelt

Olympic Gold medallist and Ironman World Champion Kristian Blummenfelt said, “The reason why we’re measuring the core temperature all the time is to get a better understanding of the intensity versus the output. We’ve measured the power on the bike and then see how it compares to my heart rate. And now we can even do it with the core temperature to see how much the core is increasing at a high intensity in the same way we can see how the heart rate is ramping up and up and up and maybe even getting to a plateau.”

Elite coach Olav Aleksander Butalked about why he uses CORE with Kristian and the rest of the Norwegian Triathlon Team. He values the accuracy, the 24/7 monitoring capability, and the ability of to do precision heat training with the core body temp sensor.

Olav stated that CORE’s calorimetry and thermal accuracy makes it stand out compared to other devices. He added, “The really true value of it, compared to, for example a pill, is that we can collect data continuously over time, every training session, because it just sits on the heart rate monitor belt. So, when you bring on your heart rate monitor belt it’s there, and we get the data along with power, heart rate, core temperature and other metrics too. And for those big trends there’s nothing that beats it.”

CORE body temp sensor reviews - UCI Worldteam Trek Segafredo

Trek Segafredo Performance Manager Josu Larrazabal shared his opinion of CORE’s body temp sensor. “Body temperature has been defined by science as a performance limiter but only CORE has been able to develop a practical tool that allows us to integrate heat monitoring into our training and collect the values in the same way as other data, such as heart rate and power. This has brought us to a new level of understanding of how core temperature reacts under different stimuli. Regardless of external temperature we can see the impact of clothing choices or how the body reacts indoors vs outdoors. All this together allows us to have better control of heat training and to see how the heat adaptation of riders progresses.

"Ultimately, CORE gives us a better understanding of the athletes’ bodies and allows us to make smarter decisions in racing and training.”

CORE body temp sensor reviews - MBT rider Alessandra Keller

Professional Swiss mountain bike rider Alessandra Keller shared her experiences with CORE and gave her core body temp opinion. "Professional athletes are constantly searching for improvements and more data about their performance. It's essential to understand how each individual performs in different situations. The CORE body temperature sensor is the perfect tool when it comes to heat. It helps me monitor how I react and adapt to heat or cold conditions. As a result, I can enable different training and racing strategies, getting significant performance gains in hot weather."

Fiona Schröder rides for UCI Continental Team Torelli, and is a relatively new CORE user. She specialises in road cycling and eCycling. Schröder is particularly interested in CORE for eCycling, because heat plays such a critical role in indoor riding. She shared her core body temp customer review.

‘In the first weeks I just recorded all my training rides and races to get an idea of how my body temperature reacts in different environments and with varying efforts. CORE confirmed my feeling that in eCycling I was overheating in the first 30 minutes of the race (I usually overheat after an hour in road races). Then I started to use a second fan and tested different positions. I found the best cooling is if one is in front and one is in the back. Now that I’m using two fans I can keep my body cooler and maintain higher power numbers. But I’m still in the learning process to get the most benefits from CORE data.’

Another core body temp review came from Coach Aaron Geiser. He explained how he’s using the sensor to improve and develop new training protocols for his athletes.. "As Sports Scientists we can’t manage what we don’t measure. The Core Body Temperature Monitor provides an easy to integrate tool that allows me to get an inside look into my athletes. CORE has allowed me to program in a new dimension; from manipulating training conditions to improve heat acclimation, manage body temperature in VO2Max sessions to increase gains, to working with athletes who have GI issues when their body temperature reaches certain levels. CORE is able to provide so many insights into the athletes’ physiology; the more you know the more targeted your training can be".

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Customer opinions of CORE body temp sensor

We value CORE body temp customer reviews, and we appreciate the feedback we receive from coaches and athletes. We enjoy learning of the innovative ways that CORE is being used to improve training and racing. Do you have a story about CORE to share? Please contact us – we would love to hear it!