Pairing CORE with a heart rate monitor

CORE for sports use

If you want to use CORE during sports, you will get more accurate results by pairing it to a heart rate monitor. Make sure your heat rate monitor supports ANT+

How to pair a Heart Rate Monitor to your CORE:

  1. Connect to your CORE in the iOS or Android App

  2. Go to the settings (top right icon)

  3. Click the heart rate icon.

  4. Initiate a scan

  5. The ANT ID will appear and this can be selected to complete pairing.

  • Multiple heart rate sensors can be paired with a CORE device – CORE will use the first paired device it finds

  • You only need to pair a heart rate monitor to your CORE once

TIP: It is good practice to clip the CORE to the same heart rate monitor strap.
Secure the CORE to the heart rate monitor strap with the provided clips.