Sharing your CORE sensor

To protect data privacy - a CORE sensor is associated with a CORE user account. A CORE sensor can only be used with the associated account unless the primary user grants access to his sensor to another user account.

This is an option that allows others to either borrow your CORE sensor and monitor their temperature or to allow others to remote monitor your live data from your sensor.

So a CORE sensor has the ability to view live data either via the local Bluetooth connection or a remote live sensor via the cloud.

Sharing your CORE SENSOR

To share your CORE sensor with another CORE user account - you should know the email address for the account you wish to share. Once you have the CORE account email address you can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the CORE sensor settings
  2. Scroll down to tap «Manage CORE sensor sharing»
  3. Tap “Share this CORE sensor”
  4. Enter the CORE account email you wish to share your sensor with

The user will receive an email message saying that you are allowing them to record and view data from your CORE sensor.

The CORE sensor will now show up in the available CORE Sensors on that account and all the future data recorded with this sensor will be accessible for the co-user.

If the CORE sensor is being used remotely (sensor is connected to a different phone), the CORE sensor badge colour will be BLUE to indicate the sensor has been active in the last 15 minutes and data is available. Alerts will work on sensors that are remote and synchronising data via another phone. Live data can be viewed by a remote phone as the data is being received.

Note that all data that is recorded with a sensor by either you or a co-user will go into the statistics that are shown in the app.

Adding a CORE sensor to your account

Add sensor - if the sensor is not associated with an account yet, it will automaticaly be added to your account and no one without permission can then connect or view your data.

adding a core sensor assocated to a different account

For data privacy and security, you cannot add a CORE sensor to your account that is already associated to another account. When you try to add such a sensor, a popup will inform you accordingly. It shows an option to request access to this sensor. This will dispatch an email to the primary user of the sensor.

To add a CORE sensor to multiple accounts - the primary account holder must then share that sensor to the other accounts wishing to gain access to remote data or use the sensor locally with their phone.


Removing a CORE sensor from an account will permanently remove access to that data, making all history data permanently inaccessible.

Ensure you have either saved or no longer need your hisotry data before taking the following steps:

  1. CORE Sensor settings
  2. Remove Sensor from account
  3. Confirm to remove sensor
    1. NOTE: Data will no longer be accessable!