Beating the heat in Japan

All the endurance athletes on the road to Tokyo have one thing on their minds: the heat. August will be hot and humid in Japan, and that is a big challenge.

When heating up, the power output needs to be reduced to compensate for the oxygen reduction in the muscles. The hotter you get, the more your body compensates, and your performance goes down. And the scorching conditions expected in Japan will only make it harder for athletes to perform at their best.

That’s why many athletes are already practising heat acclimatisation protocols and preparing for the races ahead with cooling and hydration strategies. For that purpose, many of them rely on CORE to get the accurate data they need to nail down their strategies.

CORE is used by athletes in the Norwegian triathlon team, including world record holder Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden and Kasper Stornes.

Top-level triathlete Fernando Alarza is also using CORE to run heat adaptation protocols.

At the same time, several riders are also benefitting from the accurate data CORE provides in preparation for the competition this summer, including the Swiss cycling team, Richard Carapaz and German champion Lisa Brennauer, who’s also been using CORE during the past Giro Rosa.

We can also add to this list several Swiss beach volleyball players, and rower Maike Diekmann.

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