Introducing the CORE Performance Team

Train Like the Best 

Until now, CORE has partnered only with the world’s top endurance athletes. But for 2024, we have reserved a few spots for the next generation of stars and leaders. We are accepting a limited number of ambassadors to receive CORE sensors and elite-level access to our team of sports thermoregulation scientists. 


How Does It Work?

Selected applicants will form the 2024 CORE Performance Team. How does it work? Simple:

  1. Our CORE team supports you in improving your sports thermoregulation and performance.
  2. You share your journey with your community.

Specific benefits for CORE Performance Team Members:

  • A free CORE sensor. (Already have one? Feel free to pass it along to a friend.)
  • Next-level support from the team of CORE scientists, coaches, and tech gurus.
  • Personalized coaching advice on how to adopt heat protocols into your training and racing.
  • Webinars & presentations by experts in the field of sports thermoregulation.
  • Access to exclusive data and insights from the CORE Sports Science and R&D team.
  • CORE products to help you with your training.
  • Discount codes to share with your friends.

Expectations of CORE Performance Team Members:

  • You’ll train and race with a CORE sensor.
  • You’ll share your CORE data, insights, and feedback with us.
  • You’ll regularly feature CORE and thermoregulation topics as part of your social media presence.
  • You’ll agree to CORE sharing your name, photo, and stories with our community.

Applications are due by March 11 and we’ll announce the team in April 2024. Follow the link below to complete the application. We look forward to hearing from you!


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