Using customer feedback to improve CORE

As the first clients have started receiving and are using the CORE device, we are also receiving the first feedback, and it’s pretty good. The device works well for monitoring core body temperature continuously and with great accuracy. That’s good news, but there is still some room for improvements: we got some insights from the first clients that helped us to kickstart several new features and improvements of CORE.

For example, some clients have reported that they need to track the vital parameters of their workers but without forcing them to carry a phone or smartwatch which can record the data. That makes sense, and for this reason, we are working on a wireless router system that can connect with up to 50 CORE devices per router. That will allow companies to perform the remote tracking with CORE without having an equal number of smartphones or smartwatches. The first version of the Router Solution for CORE is already available in our webshop.

Some other clients need to charge several COREs at the same time. Currently, it is only possible to charge each CORE device with an individual cable. To solve this problem, we have decided to develop a docking station that will allow users to charge several devices at the same time. That is a highly-requested accessory to improve CORE and are working to finish the prototype as soon as possible. 

At the same time, we are happy to announce that the Android version of our app is available in the Google Play Store. You can download it and connect your phone to your CORE to gather and read the data through an easy-to-read interface. We are soon finishing the iOS app, as well as some other features, to improve CORE and deliver a better user experience. Please, stay tuned!