We start our participation in the Tour de France - a great adventure ahead!

Today, we start our participation in the Tour de France! We are not competing (although our product manager is a seasoned rider), but helping pro riders to compete. Our device has been chosen by a pro team in the Tour de France to monitor in real-time the core body temperature of their riders.

That will provide a ton of data about performance, acclimatization, temperature compensation, cooling, and recovery under hot conditions. This collaboration will be a great start for our device, as well as a school and a lab to test and confirm all the insights taken up to now.

Core Body Temperature is not a new thing, many other pro athletes have been measuring it before. However, monitoring it in real-time required until now electronic pills, a clumsy and expensive method. CORE allows for the first time to run this continuous monitoring with non-invasive methods and without losing accuracy compared to the e-pills. These features quickly got the attention of
several pro coaches, that accepted to beta test our device with their athletes.

One of these teams is competing in the Tour de France this year. Previous tests were excellent, and the insights taken from the data helped to improve training, performance, and recovery. Because if that, the team is using it during the real deal. And we couldn’t be more excited about that. 

Although we can’t officially disclose the name of the team yet, they will share the data with us, helping to get insights that will be shared during and after the Tour de France. In our blogpost, as well as social media channels, we will be sharing all these insights, so our readers could understand better why core body temperature is such a critical vital for sports performance.

So, if you want to get the last updated about the topic, follow us on social media and in our blog. Of course, you can already preorder your CORE! We will start shipping it after the Tour de France.

If you place your order during the Tour de France, you could also win a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS Bike Computer Bundle, for free. For more info, please check our product page. Hurry up, and keep cool!