CORE kicks off core body temperature monitoring at the Tour de France

Today, we kicked off the CORE sensor launch at the Tour de France by supporting of one of the participating WorldTeams. The CORE sensor is being used by one of the leading teams racing at the Tour de France to monitor the core body temperature of their riders in real time. The data is available to the riders during the race and afterward is used by the riders and coaches for analysis.

The core body temperature data fills a gaps that that reveals the level of performance, preparation and effectiveness of cooling and recovery as the riders get hot. We have welcomed a deep collaboration with the unnamed team who has been intensively using and testing the CORE body temperature monitoring technology to confirm the value of accurate monitoring of rider temperature in training and racing. 

Core body temperature monitoring is not new, though to date it has required ingested electronic pills or rectal thermometers which are more costly and provide more limited abilities to monitor temperature. The CORE sensor is the first wearable solution that provides continuous monitoring with the non-invasive approach and with a high level of accuracy. The advantage of the CORE sensor quickly attracted the attention of leading coaches and elite athletes who have being involved in trials and testing.

One of the early adopters is a top-level WorldTeam that is competing in the 2020 Tour de France and will be used for the first time to gather data from riders across the whole race. Data gathered in training and race preparation have been promising and already applied to guide performance and the race will be a major test of the CORE sensor for monitoring core body temperature.

Though the identity of the team can't be disclosed yet, rider data will be shared and published during the course of the tour providing, for the first time, a look at this rider data during the Tour de France. Though we are well versed in the rider data and relationship to performance, publishing data will help show the connection between rider heat and performance and why teams are working so hard to use temperature to their advantage. 

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For pre-orders made during the Tour de France, customers will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Bike Computer Bundle. Find our more about the CORE on our website and remember... stay cool!