Getting Started with the CORE Body Temperature Sensor

The CORE sensor is designed to be simple to use - set it up once and pair it to your favourite devices. Just keep it charged and shake-it before use, look for the green flashing light to confirm it is on... and you are ready to go.

Real-time core body temperature data can be viewed and saved onto the CORE app, the CORE cloud and many other devices such as the Apple watch, Garmin watch, COROS watch Suunto watch and Garmin and Wahoo and bike computers plus other apps and services.

Let's get started with CORE

On this page we cover the CORE sensor setup, how to use the CORE sensor and also how to use the core body temperature data.  

IMPORTANT: If you are using CORE for sports and high intensity activity, use the app to pair it to your heart rate monitor which will ensure you have the most accurate results.

CORE Setup and Manual

Typically the intial setup of the CORE sensor takes 10 minutes. The online manual covers the box-contents, charging, turning-on, wearing and setting up the CORE sensor.

The setup begins with installation of the CORE App (iOS or Android) and creating a user account so that your CORE sensor is associated to you. The CORE App let's you manage the fundamental settings of the CORE sensor and complete the firmware updates.

Usually the next step is pairing sports watches and bike computers as the CORE sensor transmits data directly via ANT+ or bluetooth. For most sports devices, after setting up once, the CORE sensor is then automatically found. We have a complete list of compatible devices along with the setup guides.

Viewing and Saving your data

The CORE sensor sends real-time data to paired devices and also saves up to two days of data internally. Sports devices will display your real-time data and save it so it is available for later viewing and analysis. This is commonly saved in .fit file format which is convenient to share, view and analyze in sports software.

For the data stored internally, the CORE app can be used to read and synchronizw with the CORE Cloud. This stores your historical data which you can view on the CORE App and CORE Cloud.

Real-time and historical core body temperature

Real-time and historical core body temperature

Trends in core body temperature behaviour

Trends in core body temperature behaviour

Activity in your defined temperature zones

Activity in your defined temperature zones

Thermal load and effective heat training

Thermal load and effective heat training

In addition to accurate core body temperature data, the CORE sensor also records and skin temperature and (when available) the heart rate. The CORE App shows advanced metrics and trends.

Using your core body temperature data

Now that you are setup with real-time core temperature data, the next step is using this data to help improve your training, your heat adaption and your racing performance.

We cover in this in overview: How to use core temperature data for training and racing

For more advanced information: Heat training for sporting performance

The CORE sensor can be purchased directly online or from one of our trusted retailers

The complete specifications for the CORE sensor along with accessories are available in our online shop.