COROS Watches now support the CORE sensor

On the beaten trails, the tracks, the roads and in the mountains, performance athletes and outdoor, active types have been turning towards the innovative COROS GPS sport watches since 2018. The COROS family of VERTIX, APEX and PACE watches now support the CORE sensor and can display realtime core body temperature data.

Chris Blomfield-Brown, the Head of Performance for CORE says, "The integration of the CORE sensor with COROS sports watches is a major milestone and opens the door for COROS owners who can now benefit from live core body temperature data and next level insights.

"Core body temperature is individual to each person and now the CORE sensor delivers accurate data directly to COROS watches to guide sporting performance, wellness, safe training and competition.”

As a young sports performance tech company, the COROS range GPS watches have a reputation for their reliability, intuitiveness and innovation. Via bluetooth, COROS watches with the latest firmware update can now been paired to the CORE sensor to show realtime core body temperature data during activities and graph in the activity summary. The setup is quick and datafields can be customised with the COROS App.

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Guidance for connecting COROS watches with the CORE sensor.