The 2020 Tour de France Experience and beyond

The Tour de France is over, and it’s time to recapitulate. As you may already know, a UCI WorldTeam used CORE Body Temperature Monitoring during the entire race. We shared the data from riders in our social media channels; there were valuable insights into the relationship between core body temperature and rider effort during each stage. Below are a few of exciting graphs we published during the Tour de France. You will find charts from the rest of the tour on our Instagram Stories, Twitter and LinkedIn.

 Core Body temperature at the Tour de France

Core Body temperature at the Tour de France - 2


Core Body temperature at the Tour de France - 3

The Tour de France experience also helped us to confirm and improve the reliability, connectivity, and handling of CORE. As a result, we are deploying a new firmware version which incorporates all of the improvements we made working together with the pro team. Another highlight is that our CORE iOS is now on Apple AppStore and it can be downloaded and used to connect core to many Apple devices. This is on top of our Android App and stay tuned as we have more integration with sports hardware and software in the works.

The good news doesn’t end yet. During the Tour de France, the word of CORE spread within the Peloton and now on the eve of the Giro d’Italia, we welcome UCI WorldTeam Deceuninck Quick-Step onboard. This collaboration with the teams and coaches allows us to further improve CORE and share insights into the relationship of core body temperature and sports performance. We will share updates and insights on our blog, newsletter and social channels so subscribe in-touch to be on the cutting edge.

Finally, you can order CORE from our online shop now. For everyone in North America, our brand new distributor for the US and Canada is and they are now taking orders.

We are moving fast in 2020 and are excited by upcoming events and collaborations, it will be a heck of year and we would love to have you onboard.