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FAQ - Why do you want to continuously measure core body temperature?

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Your core body temperature fluctuates during the day naturally and is impacted by activities such as sport. Temperature behaviour is individual. 

Real-time measurement data and historical data is invaluable for many scenarios. 

Health and Wellness: Monitoring your temperature continuously can provide insights into your health status. For instance, you can track disease progression, ovulation, the circadian rhythm and even see the impact of jet lag. 

Monitoring continuous provides immediate information as well as the 'big picture' to observe trends or discrepancies.

Sports Performance: Increased core body temperature from sporting activity results in decreased performance. Real-time monitoring and analyse is used to increase athletic performance though optimisation and adaption. 

Workplace Health and Safety: Core body temperature is a vital sign so provides an indication for people working when they are 'effective', when their performance will degrade and when they are are at risk of heat-stress.

Medical: Fundamental monitoring of vital signs including for people with thermoregulatory illnesses, to monitor patients, to monitor and prevent illnesses and for early detection (Sepsis, Alzheimers, Parkinson's)