CORE - Team Bundle

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The CORE Team Bundle is great value for any team or organisation who require several CORE Body Temperature Monitoring devices with the convenience offered by the Charging Bay Station to recharge all of the units. 

Included in the Team Bundle:

  • 6 CORE Body Temperature Monitoring devices
  • 1 Charging Bay Station
  • 1 Chest Strap
  • 1 Arm Strap
  • 1 Spare Charging Cable
  • 8 additional adhesive Medical Patches


About the CORE Team Bundle

The bundle is a value offering that is particularly well suited for sport teams, coaching programs and also scientific studies or research programs.  The six CORE devices can be recharged at the same time by easily slotting them into the Charging Bay Station. 

The CORE devices can remain attached to the chest strap, heart rate monitor strap or arm straps. In this bundle two chest straps and one arm strap are included. 

Included with each CORE device is a pack of 8 adhesive medical-grade patches and this bundle includes one extra pack. The patches are single-use and allow the CORE device to be positioned onto the skin for 24/7 core body temperature monitoring. 

Further information on the individual items included in the Team Bundle are on the respect product pages. 

Further Information

Core Body Temperature Monitoring Device
CORE Charging Station
Chest Strap
Arm Strap
Charging Cable
CORE Medical Grade Adhesive Patches

Tip: For sporting-use, it is recommended to pair CORE with a heart rate monitor. This Team Bundle does not include heart rate monitors as these are usually already available.