Connecting to your CORE app

  • Switch on CORE by shaking up and down the device until green light blinks a few times
  • Press “scan devices”
  • If no devices are found, check the troubleshooting below
  • Select a device and connect

Do you want to update your firmware? Check our guide to firmware updating.


BLE Scanning problem

Press “scan devices” on the app and wait for 5 seconds for the scan to complete.

CORE battery is empty

Charge your CORE device for at least 15 minutes.

CORE is in off state

Shake CORE until LED starts blinking to switch it on.

Wrong smartphone settings

Make sure Bluetooth and location services are enabled on your phone.

Issue with smartphone BLE subsystem

Occasionally, the BLE subsystem on the phone crashes. Restart the phone and try again.

Electromagnetic interference / too many Bluetooth signals in the same room

Go into a less noisy environment and try again. Some phones can only detect a limited number of BLE devices at the same time.

BLE receiver signal saturation

Some BLE receivers cannot cope with too high signal strength. Increase the distance between CORE and smartphone to 1 meter and try again.