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CORE app

The CORE app for Android and for iOS allows you to view live and historical core body temperature metrics, update firmware and pair a heart rate monitor (for sports use). 

Download CORE for Android on Google Play

Download CORE iOS app


CORE Firmware

Please use the CORE Phone Companion app to update to the newest Firmware.  We continuing making improvements including accuracy, connectivity and bug fixes.  Follow the link to see the CORE firmware changelog.

CORE on Garmin

Download CORE Garmin Connect IQThe  Garmin Connect-IQ app allows you to easily setup your Garmin device to show live data and to record core body temperature data to the FIT file. 

Additional guidance on setting up the CORE Connect IQ app and data fields can be found here: Using a Garmin device with CORE

CORE on Wahoo

The following guide documents the setup with Wahoo devices


The following guide documents the setup with COROS Watches

CORE on wearOS

The CORE wearOS App can be found and downloaded from the Google Play store

download the CORE wearOS App    download the CORE wearOS from the Google Play store

Additional guidance on installing and using the CORE wearOS app can be found here: Using the CORE wearOS App


CORE integrators and developers

The If you would like to add support for  

Want to add CORE support into your product, solution or platform.  We try to make integration of CORE as simple as possible and are here to help support you and your projects.  For more information see our CORE developers note page,